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The hard truth to Ndigbo without apologies


That is what makes our neighbors  political savvy and achieving ,they will rally round any of their own in place of authority ,they will offer protection and they will all bury hatchets just to bring back the bacon ,but come to my place ,a place we pride self as one of the pillars of knowledge and what do we have ? Using our own hands to frustrate and silence any great achiever among us. Our politics is getting so petty and myopic that i wanted to ask “are we cursed or we are the cause ? ”

We connived, conspired and made mincemeat of our illustrious daughter Stella Oduah as Aviation Minister. Our press joined the Yoroba press and make mockery  of her; they brutally murdered her on papers and social media but when it was exposed that Fashola bought vehicles 500% higher than Oduah, the Yoroba called him action governor and my brothers na eme iberibe stood by him. All the Yoroba ministers has more garbage they are hauling but you cannot hear a whimper from them because they believe that Nigeria is large enough with big breast that every Yoroba mouth close enough should suck without breathing, but once it involves onye Igbo they will cry that we are biting of the breast and my own people will say, “yes we witnessed it.”

Did I tell us how happy of our satanic brothers rejoiced that Deziani became object of ethnic urinal especially for the neighbours in the west ? Whereas all the bad eggs in the government are from their part of the world ,but they became dumb and numb .

Show me any other tribe ji umunne fa agho ara ka ndi Igbo and I will show you a virgin grand mother .

We went after Prof Barth Nnaji despite the great innovation he brought to our power sector and as we killed dike na ogu ulo, gwanum ife anyi ga eme na ogu ezi ? [we killed our warrior in our internal squabbling and when external aggressors steps inn ,who do we invite to protect us ?].

If any tribe in Nigeria had somebody like Peter Obi the oracle ,I can bet us that they will protect him with edge of a sharp sword . This is a man the whole world respect  his financial prudence ,his governance and his carriage .

His party the same he labored for vilified him and make series of video tape to down grade him, then when they ask him in unison to leave APGA, he left and PDP made him the crown prince and a legendary king maker, instead for my party to regret the actions and seek a way to make amend, they started a strife that broke even the basis for any future peace ,atimes anyi ana eme ka ndi agbaru ogwu anwu na isi , let me go back to the present iberibe crusade…

All the Igbo prominent or elites in the government has been reduced to nothing just because we are playing politics of kama oga abu ya [instead it will be him] ,but other ethnic groups will allow the fox to bring back to chicken and later they will ask fox how come ? ,Not in my hood ,we kill the messenger and the message .

Odi ka ife oma ona agba anyi afo ,eburum bata na obi the woman that is the only good thing ndi south east benefited from the senate.

The only Igbo senator that is heading a meaningful committee in our red chambers ,Senator Iyom Uche Ekwunife ,the obiri Ohamadike aka na ani ,known as the lady with a Midas touch has changed her political platform ,as outrageous as it may sound ,as many that may choose to kick her teeth down for the change , then i will make a mild presentation and leave the jury to deliberate.

My old man will say “odaba ejeghi ogbu ejeghi ogbu ,ariam ogbu di na obim” [when it comes to we must visit ogbu town by fire by force , I will climb the ogbu tree in my compound] . The conspiracy from ndi Igbo to thwart the only golden chance we have , the conspiracy is ringing highly between Andy Ubah in concert with my state government just because they felt that Ekwunife will be more relevant in the senate with her position and that will be a plus if she ever wants to contest for the governor of my state and for that they are ready to shave her bald, slash her nose ,cut off her legs and soak her in raw acid and none of them ever ask ,if we lose this her strong and good position in the senate what will be our gain? Nothing but to stand and look like onye ajuru aju for the next 4 years and counting .

My governor that is dreaming of moving our oil field [orient petroleum] at Aguleri higher, didn’t somebody whisper to him that it can only be possible with the amazon of our own heading the downstream petroleum which we all know she is very good at? But to him , it is more important to him to cut off our nose and spite our face ,he is after carrying out vengeance against Ekwunife because she had a faceoff with his wife in Poland and to him that is njo ogbugbu .

Then the lords and bishops in my state are so much deep in political romance , the elders are more interested on what they will receive as bonus and fat envelopes for them to speak up and say jiri nu wayo , ka ewelu nma di nko na nke adiro nko welu nata ezeka udene okuko oji .

Sure , we can sing all the marginalization songs we composed but read the lips of caliphate they are not ready to bulge even one bit on anything that is not APC and how are we going to get our shares for the next 4 years ? We have to be in England to join the premier league. Or we can always send our second 11 to represent us in a tournament of the greatest. 

When Ekwunife tallied with APGA and was serving as a member of the Federal House of Representative, she was delivering an astute dividends of democracy to her constituency and when she wants to go back on same platform , the life chairman of APGA ,Sir Victor Umeh said “enye nwanyi ahu imi, okpoo anwuru “(that lady if giving a nostril she will inhale snuff) .

Chief Umeh said that her ascension through political forest is threaten and for a woman that she might go places that is elusive even to men with red cap, and that introduced the plan and plot to cut her wings and clip her for real .

Sir Victor Umeh told her face on, that he Umeh decides who goes and who stays and therefore that he have decided to give her ticket back to House of Reps to Dozie Nwankwo who paid Umeh handsomely and as APGA ticket under Umeh goes to the highest bidder and never to the most qualified or most party die hard, that made Ekwunife to retort “as you are now the one that decides people faith ,as you are playing demi god and you also wants to go to the senate still serving as APGA chairman ,as we are from same senatorial zone ,i will meet you on the campaign field because i will leave house of rep and take away your dream for the senate”.

We know how it played out , despite the brute force the state used to frustrate Ekwunife ,she beat Umeh pink and brown in that race that it took my state 700 million naira ,part of a borrowed loan to buy a dissolution and another election.

Moving on ,my state are not done ,as they have enough borrowed money to burn ,they brought Senator Andy Ubah and promise him that he has to cut Ekwunife wing , if not that woman will get PDP ticket in 2017 and run as a governor and with her grass rooted support that it is evident that she will win ( they reinvented the governor in the waiting mantra and we remembered the governor that served for 17 days )…..then the web of conspiracy intensified and to the chagrin of the members of PDP , Anambra State wing of the party after taking the 200 million naira new year bounty decided yesterday that the party will not have primaries and that PDP will not field a candidate for that race, despite the fact that they have a serving senator on that platform.

Now tell me , what do one expect a serving senator to do in this kind of circumstance having in mind also the new political lexicon in the country , if you are APC your sins are proof less and no judgement carried against you can be implemented ?

Do we throw away the only chairman of senate committee that made sense on the altar of anyi bu ndi APGA and later we cry marginalized or we learn how to play the politics of the west and make sure we are not completely cheated out of setting called Nigeria?

If truly sir victor is dike by any standard , he should’ve understood that his going to the senate is not a plus to anybody but a minus and if he has the interest of ndi Anambra at heart ,he should be supporting and promoting Ekwunife ,if not for anything but for the dividend that she is bringing to our petroleum downstream . Umeh should have looked in the mirror and tell self the gospel truth , then fold his campaign and join vote for Ekwunife for better Alaigbo .

Be the judge and jury but as for me , I can tell you that APC will be the last party I will advocate for ,but if what it takes to get Ndigbo into the saddle for the next 4 years, then I can tell us that I am now wiser …

Mazi Odera

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