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The hypocrisy of a nation: Between ambition and ‘our-ambition’, Yahaya Bello as a metaphor

He set out early like one sent by the gods to fix our leadership problem. He has his eyes on the ball and has made the pursuit of the High Office of President his challenge. And like the daily mischief that defines our political space, some zonalists (permit my use of words) have chosen to shoot down his ambition with ‘our-ambition’. They too are clearly driven by ambition, but one bothering purely on selfish political interest and the need for strategic position to help themselves to our collective till. If not, why are they not interested in the Youth and in the vision of the young man of Kogi?

Yahaya Adoza Bello is from the North Central Geo-Political Zone, and has clearly said in so many ways that he wants to be President of Nigeria come 2023, he is working tenaciously to achieve this ambition of his, and boom, the merchants of power, the ‘gate keepers of Nigeria’ and some political gladiators claiming to be leaders of the North Central Zone want him to jettison his ambition for ‘our ambition’, they want the Chairmanship of the All Progressive Congress APC, so Yahaya Bello must cool down.

Why do Partisans clamour for zoning and power shift when it favours their egocentric drive but turn the blind eye when the larger space is sullied by nepotism and cronyism? Why must Yahaya Bello throw away his vision for Nigeria because some Partisans want the Chairmanship of the Party in their zone? What profit has zoning of Power and or offices brought this nation and our disparate people? How can zoning and rotation of Power solve the problems of a nation that has refused to restructure for peace, progress and prosperity? And for how long would hypocrisy, greed and avarice blind this nation to the truth?

Take a look at the scorecard since 1999, and tell me what profit the South West got from Power in that region for 8years ditto the Obasanjo years? What gain did the Yar’Adua years bring his region, and with 6years gone and counting, what gain has the Buhari years (together with Yar’Aduas about 9years thus far) brought the Northwest and indeed the nation? What gain did the Jonathan years (5years) bring the South South and indeed Nigeria? And what profit will it bring any people involved in the emotive call for the zoning of power to their space? Nigerian Politics is but hypocrisy unhinged, and until we say to the politicians enough of your perfidy, we shall be condemned to this circus where individualism wears the garb of collective interest.

Two States readily come to mind in this exposition of the grand hypocrisy called Nigeria. The one is my home State of Delta, and the second is my ‘adopted’ State of Enugu where I studied Law as a student of the Univeristy of Nigeria Enugu Campus. Both States have been the stage of seamless transition of power across the 3 Senatorial zones recognized by the Constition and effective in the States. And how well has the power sharing normative helped in developing the States and bettering the lots of her people? Your guess is perhaps my conjectures.

The States of Delta and Enugu are clearly spectacles where the balance of power have favoured only the elite, with successive Governors trying to outperform their predecessors in Thieving and Larceny. Don’t shout Libel yet, because in the coming weeks and months I shall put before you and the world how the Governments of Dr/Senator Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, and Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State have succeeded in helping themselves to our collective patrimony as they journey to enrich themselves and their cronies more than their predecessors did. It is a contest of sorts, and ‘I must make more money than the former Governor’ is the creed.

The question therefore is to what end and profit has the zoning of power, power sharing and or the rotation of same benefited the people? We must restructure this dysfunctional enterprise and banish the mendacity called zoning of power, for it is but the perfidious inveigle that serves only the interest of the rampaging buccaneering political elite. If you know, you know.

I cannot love Yahaya Bello more than he loves himself, I cannot force him to sustain his ambition, but I can urge and nudge him and all those who believe in the sincerity of their purpose and ambition to stand up and stand together in the battle to make competency and capacity the basis of political and power conversation and contest in Nigeria. We must shoot down the hypocrisy that has held our nation down for so long, and in the place of zoning of power push for restructuring.

I want to see Yahaya Bello on the campaign stand nay the soapbox as he tells a nation torn apart by religious, ethnic and security challenges how he has managed to unify a multi-cultural, a multi-ethnic and a multi-religious State like Kogi. I want to hear him tell us how he has handled the security of a State with 9 borders such that Kogi State is the second safest in today’s Nigeria. I want him to debate other competent and capable young men and women for the soul of Nigeria as we journey to 2023.

I do not want to hear the hubris called Zoning, Power Shift or Power Sharing by Partisans and Zonalists, if you are not for RESTRUCTURING at least support Competency and Capacity over the hypocrisy that has done greater disservice than service to Nigeria.

God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.

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