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The Igbo Nation: A Story Of Successes ~ A Response By CK Ekeke

I have been reading a number of articles and essays written by so-called Igbo scholars and intellectuals on Biafra and on-going challenges in Nigeria.  Some of them make me sick.  

I have never wanted to respond to them except on few occasions. However, this piece by Dr. Nicky Okoye warranted such a response.  

Even though, I’m not in the business of responding to writers and public commentators, because I believe each person has right to his or her opinion.  

However, it must be based on facts.  Ideas and opinions based on facts not on selfish and self-seeking purposes.  

And so, the article: The Igbo Nation: A Story Of Successes written by Nicky Okoye, is also a case of one single narrative. 

First: Dr. Okoye says that Ndigbo complains of marginalization “based on who and who gets Federal Government appointments.”  

Federal appointments is just a small part of the satanic and systemic marginalization against the former Eastern region of Nigeria.  

Does he not know that no person from the Eastern region heads any of the 13 major military and intelligence institutions in Nigeria today or serves in Buhari’s kitchen cabinet – out of the 42 appointments he made? 

The only time an Igbo man headed the Army unit was during the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan when Major General Ihejirika was pointed as Army Chief.  

I wish Dr. Okey is reading your series on: “Why Nigeria Must Be restructured.” 

Does it make sense that the State of Kano receives more revenue allocation than all the five States in Southeast combined?  

Does he not know that the crude oil that is flowing at my backyard is controlled and owned by a man from Katsina, Kaduna, Sokoto, etc.?  

I’m posting your series for him to google and read.  

•        National Assembly: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Now!

•        Revenue Allocation: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Now! [2]

•        Oil Blocs: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Now! [3]

•        Bloody Religious Crises: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Now! [4]

•        Oil Resources Revenue: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Now! [5]

Second, has Dr. Okoye visited the Southeast region recently assuming he does not live in SE?  Does the region look like rest of Nigeria?  

Southeast looks like a conquered region – with army, police and all kind of military checkpoints everywhere on major dilapidated interstate roads and even State as well local roads.

Here is just a short list of infrastructural injustices against former eastern region: These are uncompleted and unfinished federal projects in Southeast region.

•         The 2nd River Niger Bridge

•         East-West Highway

•         Enugu-Onitsha/Enugu-PH Expressways

•         Akanu Ibiam and PH International Airports

•         Calabar and PH Seaports

•         Dredging of River Niger

•         Eastern Gas Pipeline network (CAP)

•         Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC)

•          Legislative Constituency Projects

•          National Conference convened by President Jonathan that adopted, among other things, the restructuring of the country.

•         The Constitutional Amendment, initiated under President Umaru Yar’Adua, and funded to the brim to address the concerns for equitable distribution of states and local governments.

•         And many other

Third, does Dr. Okoye not read or hear about the relentless rape of young girls, married women, torture, and massacres being unleashed upon people of Eastern region by Hausa-Fulani and Fulani herdsmen?  

Below is just a recent list and does not include the pogrom and genocide of the 1940’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and continuous massacres of today being committed against the people of eastern region.  

This is a list of unarmed young Biafrans rightly agitating for self-determination, which is an international law.

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