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The Ingenuity of Major Gideon Orka

General Gideon Orkar

It is very important that we look back at some very special actors in our journey inwards (IJE ANYE). 

Of all the coupists both successful or not, one stands out – Major Gideon Orkar.

What is it that is very special about this great African son?

What is it that this great visionary saw that the other coupists did not see?

 Yes, Orkar was a great analyst and in time Africa will celebrate this her great son.

Recently as I listened to “National Public Radio” talk about how the Government of Kuwait will have to cut back from the excesses that were being doled out to its citizens, I was reduced to tears. 

Where does one start?

•        Should one start with the free schools, up to college level?

•        Zero unemployment and infrastructures that work?

•        Free health care and services as advanced as any in the advanced world?

Again the thought of this major crossed my mind.

What did he see that other coupists could not or were not insightful enough to see?

Why was his coup based on a different set of summation?

How could the whole country have been so wrong?

Even after millions lost their lives trying to ‘Keep Nigeria One’, here comes a Major saying the opposite.

What madness possessed this major, or all along was he the only sane person in the whole country?

After all these years, one fact remains constant, Orkar was a genius.

He had finally come to the realization that most of us even up to this very day continue to labour under and refuse to believe, that Nigeria was unworkable.

He finally understood that the entity – Nigeria, was a mistake.

He understood that there was no way one could get a democratic system and a feudal system under the same government.

He understood that Nigeria was not designed to cater to the needs of her citizens but to enrich some western interests.

He looked at all the speeches of all the Northern leaders from the inception of the abomination Nigeria and one thing was clear, these guys were only interested in conquering the country. 

To them Nigeria was an entity set up to be raped and pillaged by them. 

In a flash of brilliance, he thought that since this mafia came from one part of the country, all he had to do was push that part out of Nigeria and the problem would be solved.

Great solution, but obviously doomed to fail.

No matter how correct he thought he was, no one has the right to force nations under any umbrella without consulting them. 

But because this “Great Son of Africa” was ready to take a chance for “Mother Africa”, we say NDEEWO to him. 

Because this “Great Son of Africa” saw the suffering around him and decided to do something about it we say NDEEWO.

Because this “Great Son of Africa” had a vision, and was ready to put all on the line for this selfless goal, we say NDEEWO to him. 

Yes, MAJOR GIDEON ORKAR, you are a man among men. Thank you for thinking of the common man.

There has to be dissolution of Nigeria, BUT IT MUST BE PEACEFUL!

It must be achieved through friendly negotiation by all the ethnic groups in Nigeria. 

Why remain in a bad marriage when one could be peaceful and friendly neighbors? 

The time has come for all alternatives be examined.

 If USSR, a world power, can allow itself to peacefully split into 15 countries, how much less Nigeria?

Nigeria must show the world that Africans can solve their problems without guns. 


With the declaration of the ‘Core North’ as an Islamic nation, the division is already in process. It is time for the other nations to speak for themselves. 

It is time for all ethnic groups to tell Nigerians where they stand. The die is cast, there is no going back.

Nigeria is dead; long live the new real emerging African countries.

Now we can finally shout UHURU!



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