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The land is green, let’s harness it: Clarion call from ex-FKA President


The out gone President of Federated Kurama Association (FKA), Mr Peter Sallau Ndochie has made a clarion call to all Akurmi Sons and Daughters …

The out gone President of Federated Kurama Association (FKA), Mr Peter Sallau Ndochie has made a clarion call to all Akurmi Sons and Daughters scattered across the country to harness on the green and arable land that God has given to them, as there are rich valuables minerals resources deposited in the land for investment.

According to him Land is the only security and legacy of their existence as a people and they should get involved in the investment opportunities embedded in it.

Ndochie made the call while delivering his handy over message to a mammoth crowd during the general Congress of the Association at Government Day Secondary Yarkasuwa, Lere LGA Saminaka.

While making the call he reminded elites and any born Kurama person as a matter of urgency and necessity to please bring their attention back home for the purpose of sustaining, preserving, maintaining the good culture and heritage of Akurmi nationality.

Charging them to work hard for the future, providing a conducive environment for their children and children yet unborn.

”The future of Akurmi land is great but; full of challenges ( Internal and External). 

“We must consciously do every thing possible to protect and secure our land for the sake of the future generations,” he said.

He prayed that the dreams and passion of their ancestors never die in their days:

“So long as you and I are alive, there is no rest, no sleep and no retirement  in the struggle for Akurmi advancement. 

“I call on emerging leaders to commit their hearts to the totality of Akurmi development. Let us all arise while the sun still shines”.

In his speech also, Peter told the cheering crowd of the  successes of his past administration despite enormous challenges of financial dryness of the house’s treasury, lack of unity, lack of attendance to meetings and commitment to upholding the aims and objectives of the Association.

But his regime was able to identified and worked with five points program  ranging from , Unity of Akurmi , Akurmi National Secretariat & Monuments, Akurmi History, Akurmi Culture and  Akurmi Education which was a huge success and scored a high credit.

Peter Said:

“Over the past seven years under our leadership we can proudly say there has been appreciable stability in the area of peace, understanding and co-existence amongst the Akurmi as a people. 

“We are now realizing that ‘’a house divided against itself cannot stand’’.

“We are embracing the factors of peace in order to settle for development in all areas identified  which is the sure way for our people.

“A land located at Hayin Gada under Abadawa District was acquired from Bikurmi son in person of Mr. Ishaku Musa Abadawa in the sum of Two million, two hundred thousand naira( N2,200,000.00) only. 

“The urgent significance and relevance of this project is to serve as our national secretariat and to also preserve the heritage and monuments of Akurmi  in generality.

“A committee of about 12 members was carefully selected based on their commitment and sacrifice and assigned the responsibility of developing Akurmi language and possibly come out with a history of Akurmi. 

“I am happy to report here that; the committee took this assignment with zeal and  has been working with all their hearts towards this important project. 

“In distance time the Committee would come out with the written Akurmi alphabets, letters and  words.

“Also, a committee of the Akurmi Clergy on the side of the Christians also took it upon themselves to develop alongside the Akurmi  interpreted Holy Bible. 

“All of these projects would soon be made public before all Akurmi sons and daughters”.

Other successes by his administration are in the area of Politics where he made bold to say that the Akurmi nation recorded an achievement during the 2010 elections State house of Assembly. 

Two of their sons served in the House of Assembly in Kaduna State.

“Our people are taking challenges into both the rainy season and dry season farming and other small and medium scale businesses, market produce and others. 

“I salute the courage of Akurmi parents who have seen the value and relevance of education in the present dispensation of educational and technological advancement world over and particularly in our dear country Nigeria. 

“I challenge all fathers and mothers to pay absolute attention to the education of their children. 

“He who educates a child educates a nation’’.

“I also salute the patriotism of all our lecturers in all Institutions of Higher learning especially Ahmadu Bello University, Kaduna State University, Colleges of Education, Kafanchan and Zaria and other higher ones for their commitment to educational development of our sons and daughters.

“I salute the visionary zeal of our sons and daughters who pioneered the emergence of private schools towards complimenting government efforts. 

“I use our son Bako Garba from Garun Kurama and few others who took this challenge of setting up Private Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in Akurmi land. 

“This giant efforts should be commended by all,” he added.

By Tom Garba, Kurama

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