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The Lesson From The West

Governance is about service to the people, the people is the utmost goal in the game of politics- blacks notwithstanding. If it is all about service, why the bickering and do or “die affair” politics played in the South South/ South East.

It is unbelievable, when Governor Ayodele Fayose paid congratulatory message to Governor-elect Akeredolu of APC, in Ondo State.  Knowing full well the type of hatred Gov. Ayodele Fayose has for APC. What lesson does that teach us? It is simple “Politics is about people”,  “ Governance also is about people”

The politics of bickering and fighting during political campaigns is about grabbing power. Once that is over, it is the people that matters, the people that are to be served. Hence in Ondo State, politics is over  immediately the winner emerged, all other things are about the people. Party or politics no longer counts what counts now are how will the people enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Parties no longer count, either PDP, APC, APGA, AD etc., they now wait and strategise against the next coming election to try their luck again. The focus is now shifted to the welfare of the citizens by the person who emerged the winner – Governor elect. That Ayo Fayose sent a congratulatory message to Akeredolu is a lesson to learn from, even the eventful hand over by the incumbent Governor Mimiko (PDP) to Governor elect akeredolu (APC).

But in truth can this happen in the South South/South East?, can a losing party Governor be present to hand over reigns of power to Governor elect of different party, just like Governor Mimiko did to Governor elect, Akeredolu.  It is still yet to be seen.  I recollect when it was time for Governor Ohakim (PDP)  to hand over to Governor elect then, Rochas Okorocha(APC), Ohakim was no where to be found.

This  is a good lesson to learn from the West. Polities is about people, the general welfare of the people to be serve should be the utmost priority of our brothers and sister from South South/South East.  it does  not matter the party through which this welfare benefits the people. Party is just a channel or means through which people gain power. Once this power is achieved, politics of bitterness and rancor should be thrown to the dust bin. The focus then should be the people to be governed, how will they reap the benefits of the democracy, to improve their lot (wellbeing).


South East must improve politics wise, the focus should be the people not individuals.  Hence the party’s name should be a nomenclature, and not the service itself. Whoever gets to power,  others, no matter  the party should rally around the winner to move the state forward, if truly our politicians in the East are for service. The main focus should be the development of the state, the  people and provision of infrastructure that will benefit the lot of impoverished people of the South East.  

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