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The love we shared in Anambra State


“My appeal is: Instead of buying Tata motors India that is more expensive and less in quality , we should toe the line of the senators.”

Picture: Gov obi leading Innoson to presidency

My great people of Anambra State , ndi nji eme onu ,ndi anyi ji egori , I bring you fraternal greetings from the bottle of love called Odera’s heart .

Without much ado , I will like to bring the state judiciary to my governor .

Sir , this people are complaining bitterly ,they are gnashing their teeth and looking for loin cloth to tie ,so that the  ground will become slippery between judiciary and the executive “ka ani mia unu amia”.

The complaints are among other grievances including:

[1] During the days of gov peter obi , he always budget a minimum of 250 million for judiciary and added so many incentives that makes working at judiciary a bundle of joy .

[2] They said that during the period in question  , our courts gets better ,the environment well kept ,the buildings re-painted ,cracks mended ,environment oozing love and greenery .

[3] That since my Gov Willie Obiano took over the baton that the judiciary receive no attention , no matter how small  they said

[4] That yearly budget of the judiciary cut down to 25 million naira from the 250 million from the predecessor

[5] that 2015 judiciary budget did not help any body but the 2016 of same amount is yet to get any attention that will make it implementable .

Sir ,i disagree with them ,obi may have budgeted 250 million and use it to better the judiciary ,but do they know how much we have spent buying justice from tribunal to appeal court and supreme court  or are they not same judiciary that ends up getting or taking our money ?

Abs to be laid to rest –

Sir ,this plan to relocate abs awka to enugwu ukwu and give the land to cardinal developers  the pseudo company that is currently holding almost all the juicy hotels ,shopping malls started by obi but sold by the current ,sorry instead of using the world sold which is wrong lexicon ,after all sold means “an exchange of currency for an item” but since they paid nothing to acquire our shopping malls ,it is wrong to classify it as sold but dashed ,which in nigerian interpretation means “giving out without payment of any sought ”.

Like i said long ago about the downsizing of abs staff ,now they will be going into extinct and the massive land will be dashed to cardinal developers , as always the elites  of the state are in toxic coma that will provoke my old man to shout “okenye no na ulo ,ewu amuo na ogbiri” [an adult that is home watching while a goat give birth while tethered ] ,not even the spiritual leaders has a divergent opinion or voice like that of John the Baptist ,those with such opinion merely swallow the thought like phlegm .

Reporting the commissioner for education :

My governor , with heart filled with concern i bring to you the commissioner for education ,last term the act of paying direct to the state treasury started ,all the payments due for schools were paid into the state coffers direct ,then the irony of it was that the education commissioners after collecting all the money refused to give back to the principals the school running cost or call it imprest to run the schools.

Now principals are using personal funds to run the schools and we know that nothing is free in Nigeria, what this will result to is for the principals to start a smart way of extortion from students and who will bear the brunt if not the overburdened parents?

Meanwhile the teachers in the state have not been fully paid for January,  they keep paying them 100 teachers per day and this will provoke my old man to ask “obu nwa Mgbeke ji na amaro akpu ,ka obu aguba ji ghara idi nkpo” [ Is it that nwa Mgbeke did not know how to barb the hair or that the blade is blunt ?]

Etua ka osi ebido nwayo nwayo [this is how it all starts] ,we start with owing them one month salary , then on and on at a time it will become rochas okorocha ,but i digress .

Sir , some of your acute ikwurigba that parade as aides will bounce around and say “Willie is paying salaries while other states are not paying” , I beg your indulgence to tell them to eat dry shit ,how can they ever open that sewage trap they call mouth and compare Anambra with any other state ?

Come with me ,as at handover in all the states ,only Anambra handed over a vibrant and over healthy state with over buoyant economy ,imagine leaving behind for you as followed ,let me quote a reaction from Mr Obienyem on that topic “ “we need a public debate on the N75 billion Peter Obi left,” provided details and listed the areas the money was frittered away to include N5 billion ap­proved by the present administration for the celebration of the first 100 days in office, the N1 billion monthly security vote, hundreds of billions spent for 2014 Christmas decoration and buying of horses and the N40 million to mount the gates at the government’s lodge.

Others include N35 million spent to mount the gate at the government’s house, change of roof at the government house which gulped N700 million, change of all the tiles in the government house to pale granite at N150 million, procurement of dining table at N25 mil­ lion, seats at N50 million, gold bed from the United States at N30 million and another gold bed for the governor’s wife at N25 million.[So nke gold bed bu nke amaro ife aga ekwu maka ya—this gold bed issue makes us to marvel with shock and awe]

Giving a further breakdown on how Obiano successfully deplet­ed the N75 billion savings within a short period of time, Obienyem said N40 million was spent on imported kitchen cabinet from the United States, N150 million for musical sets for Aguleri, acquisition and relocation of all lands around the governor’s compound at Aguleri, as well as the increase in commissioners and Special Advisers pay to over N400,000 monthly as against N190,000 Obi’s administration paid.

Other areas the savings was mismanaged include the increase in salary of Senior Special Assistants from N160,000 to N300,000.

Gov Obiano had also used more vehicles in less than two years than what his predecessor used in eight years, with the present Secretary to the State Government (SSG) using three Prado SUVs and two Toyota Hilux cars; the chief of staff two Prado SUVs and two Toyota Hilux cars and the principal secretary using two Prado SUVs and one pickup car.

While saying that there is nothing wrong in government borrowing money to meet its genuine demands, Obienyem dismissed the claim that the Obi administration left debts on contracts executed.

His words: “they said that Obi left N106.2 billion (wrong figure) over hang on contractual debts alone. I challenge them to publish the schedule of the debts and the companies being owed.

“As at the time Obi left office, he paid for all the certificates generated on contracts awarded. Certificates are generated on the basis of work completed. Are they saying obi ought to pay for contracts yet to be done? The same man saying this awarded 35 fresh roads within his first year in office at the total cost of over N81 billion out of which he has paid N10 billion.

“On the other hand, Obi awarded roads totalling N93 billion in his last year in office and paid a total of over n51 billion on those roads before leaving office. Most of those roads were used to campaign for him during electioneering on the premise of continuity,” the statement said.

On the claim by the present administration that it met only N9 billion cash in the treasury Obienyem said: “

It is shocking to note that the Anambra state government said they only met 9 billion cash in the treasury.

The point is that Obi left 37 billion naira in the treasury. We have the statements of accounts from the banks as at March 17th, 2014. Let me illustrate using a few examples.

Fidelity Bank and the money in the account as at 17th march, 2017: account name: Ministry of Works, no: 5030005514, N2,403,862,359.89;

Account name: Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport, no: 5030025545, N2,029,706,380.45;

Account name: local govt community development, account no: 5030042391, n1,734,069,061.09;

Account name: government account, 5030047097, N3,048,355,196.

Diamond Bank: account name: Anambra State Subsidy Account, account no: 0026290200, amount N5,126,258,908.72;

Account name: UBE matching grant account, no: 0031151473, amount N2,101,864,766.68; account name: Anambra State Joint Local Govt, no: 0022404540; amount N3,276,354,490.46.

First Bank: name of account: EF/IGR Consolidated Account, no is 2018779464, amount is N2,139,951,400.00.

Enterprise Bank, account name is Govt House, Awka, account no is 1400036138 and amount is 1,928,596,191.25.

The total is N23,789,018,751 (twenty-three billion, seven hundred and eighty-seven million, eighteen hundred, seven hundred and fifty one kobo.” End of quote

Sir , therefore there is no basis to compare states that inherited debts that runs into billions of naira with the state that inherited 100 of billions and good will . Si fa putaba ,they are making us to feel ashame about our mistake of going the wrong side of “the north”, agwalum fa ka anyi jee north on the side of erudite Oseloka Obaze but fa ekworo  .

My governor , another thing is this drive for IGR. Sir , I have said it before and will remind you again: Anambra State is the toughest state to govern ,this 1000% increase in revenue collection both from pure water hawkers ,okada riders ,tipper drivers ,pepper and tomato sellers . Tasking petty traders to close shop and use the proceed to pay IGR , all of them will back fire and one bad thing about it is that when it does you cannot contain it .

I advocate for people to pay tax but there must be cushion for such ,they have never met this kind of over inflated tax style ,they lived through peter obi who did not burden them with all this taxes and yet he was able to build the best road network in Nigeria, build the best education system that is still paying dividend nationally now ,even though your commissioner for education is trying very hard to drag us back to Mbadinuju era .

The solution is to but the cost of running the government , especially on the executive angle.

I suspect that before middle of the year the education ministry will start buying chalk directly for schools and we know how it goes , they will bill them 10 million naira for a packet of chalk and they will call you to come and commission the sharing of the chalk.

If you ask me , better hand the imprest back to the school ,so they can manage it as usual .The reason Okwute excelled in restoration of education glory in the state was because he gave them money direct for projects ,take for instance ,a building that cost the schools 10 million naira to finish from foundation will cost the government who will use contractors to execute the heist about 100 million naira and they will do a shoddy job at it .

If you look at those schools or say all the schools in Anambra State ,all of them are still enjoying all the internet facility ,mast, computers installed in the school by Okwute ndi Igbo ,did I mention that all of them still flaunt the Innoson hummer bus he gave to all the schools in the state , so it will be hard sale to tell this same people that a government of supposed continuity will not allow them run a school the way it has been and the way that will bring result ?


During your inauguration you  listed many projects you will undertake, including  building an air­ port, building three power stations, among others.

You started three flyovers at the initial cost of n5 billion that was later varied to N15 billion. That is a costly mistake because it diverted the money meant for the road, from Amansea to Amawbia round­ about to three flyovers. The contractor doing those flyovers is owed over N7 billion before the economy crunch and now that we are going financial insolvent , odizi Chukwu na aka.

Rainy season will soon meet us; all the roads i listed since last year is yet to get not even a head pan of sand to argument it ,we need a palliative measure on those roads because if rain meet them again ,I wonder how people will navigate those gutters that stand in place of roads .

As it is obvious that the commissioner for works is not equipped to handle such projects , why not bring in a consultant who understands the roads in Anambra to help and bridge the gap . I know that for now the priority is to send Umeh to the Senate but with more than 10 parties in court trying to get interpretation of the Supreme Court rulings, I know that all the money we spent buying off Ekwunife may have lost its value, especially now that PDP has gone back to court after the Taraba judgement which states that INEC or court has no powers to choose or remove a candidate that carries a party flag that it is the work of the party National Working Committee ,which means that Appeal Court erred in Senator Ekwunife’s case and as we speak ,I am sure that they will upturn the judgement apologise to Senator Ekwunife and ask her to go back and continue her good work in the senate .

Even as we wait for that ,I am sure that Senator Ngige is warming up to whoop Umeh seriously and before we get carried away , afurum Ijele ka ona eyiri aworo [I saw the great Ijele dressing up with costume to show case] ,meaning that akwobedi beans akwo .That is why my old man said  “nwata buru nmanwu uzo ya na oso ,nmanwu buru ya uzo , nkwukwu ezua ya aru ”[When  a child is before a masquerade , he will be running with fear, and if the masquerade is before the child it become traumatic experience because the child cannot over take the masquerade ].

My old woman once said “nwata ana erika buna etinyere ya na nne ya” [A child eats a lot , is because the child is eating with the mother ]    .

This political Surugede dance, it is not a dance for political toddlers after all anyi ma nwa na eje mba rifo nri . When the diviners wants to play god , the gods will use their skull to set the drum .

I do not weep for the state of my party again because nwoke gburu dibia na agworo ya ogwu , ga ama na ndi na ako ya nsi agwubero [The man that killed his voodoo doctor should know that the evil days are not gone] .

Fraud in continuance –

The fraudulent act of giving the 326 Counselors in Anambra  state the sum of fifty thousand naira [50,000] each and rush them to sign the local government spent budget of 2014 and 2015 on same day , then paying the local government care taker committees to also sign  after paying them agreed sum , I see it may not pay off after all , as 3 of them with moral fibre refused to sign it stating that they did not see up to 5 % of the money they were asked to sign, despite the pressure mounted on them through the Bishops and ndi Igwe to sign that fraud, I wonder if our bishops fear god at all or consider heaven in anything they do .

If they sign it and efcc come sniffing , oburu na fa ejebe nga for ife fa na eriro [they will go jail for what they did not benefit from], to be honest that fraud may give many people including the highly placed eribe ma afo ejuro .

Moving on toward the plot and conspiracy to make Buhari part of the rot:

Sir , the ongoing plot to borrow more money and complete that 3 monument of cement a.k.a “okwabe ikwube” located at federal road without federal approval ,to be specific , Amaobia, Kwata and Aroma junctions ,which the state planned to complete by all means no matter how much money we borrowed and leave abandoned road projects in all the nook and cranny of the state ,then complete that mound of cement and ask general Buhari to come and commission it . 

We did not put into cognizance  the fact that the president may ask how much  it cost to build that archaic and antiquated pile of planless bridges? And if he learnt that we spent 15 billion on that treachery , I am sure he may stand there and then and ask EFCC to arrest somebody with or without immunity .

Then we also wants to coerce him to flag off the 3 arms zone which Gov Obi left enough money specifically for that project but the money seems to grew wings along the line.

My advice is that bringing in the feds will do us more harm than good , if we remember how we rushed to be the first state to congratulate him after the election and later we became the first to earn the core 47 terrorist prisoners . Same way if we involve him in that fraudulent pile of cement scheme , then he may be forced to stripe somebody of immunity and igwe ejebe nga .

Iyi Enu Hospital –

This your amateur media men are seriously trying to make you appear confused and desperate ,they tried to sale us another adaka na onu enwe forgetting that i am still angry with the one peter obi sold to the state and I vowed that no more such will happen in my state .

This e rats said that you build doctors quarter at Iyienu Hospital and i cried ebewu ,na ebea ? Because since you became governor , you have not visited any hospital talkless of giving them money ,so I challenge them to cite one time you give such help and I will investigate ,if that is the truth I will issue Tuesday apology . Before then , just tell this boys to back off from such lies ,they should ask primus how good I am with archives and shoving it down the throat . I want them to know that every project in Iyienu was done 100 % by peter obi and so it is in many schools, hospitals, etc.

Innoson Vehicle Motors –

Sir , I wants to bring to your attention that the only indigenous car manufacturer in Nigeria who happened to come from our state , the man that Gov Peter Obi promoted by patronising him through buying of his jeep for ndi Igwe ,hummer buses for schools in the state , sorry I mean all the schools both private, mission, government and from primary to secondary schools . I nearly forgot that he bought his Hilux trucks for all the vigilantes in the state , meaning some towns got more than 3 Hilux but the least town got one [he paid the vigilantes and provided fund to pay them for two years before he left].

Moving forward , since you took over the government , it seems like Innoson may have sliced the tendon of your yam or might have committed some sin that can be classified as beyond pardon , but the great news is that Senator Ben Bruce bought his car and drove it to the senate , then the speaker of the Senate also bought some too and that is what Ik Onyia and Victor Eneh classified as number one patronage .

My appeal is: Instead of buying Tata motors India that is more expensive and less in quality , we should toe the line of the senators .

With the above submission I hereby move motion for adjournment till next Tuesday .

Mazi Odera

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