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The Man We Are: Embarrassments & diseases from wearing dirty underwear

Last week, it was about what is right and wrong in choosing underwear but this week, we will be looking at the dangers of persistently wearing dirty underwear by men. It is not a conditional thing and there will never be an acceptable excuse for any man wearing dirty boxers or socks any time any day.

Like I said last week, every man is supposed to have between 3 to 12 pairs of boxers and same thing with socks. Because we don’t have the nature of buying things in high numbers, we can never be like ladies who in most cases avoid washing their underwear by buying plenty of it. This is the justification of seeing a lady washing about 15 pairs of underwear and there are still others left in her bag. Only small percentage of men can compete with that statistics.

Dirty underwear aside the discomfort, are deadly as they can elicit embarrassments and diseases. To this, I will be going with some confessions from men and to explain what we are talking about. 

Dirty Underwears


Wearing dirty underwear could pose a great deal of embarrassment because of the things that go with it. You might not really understand until they come.

a. Odour: The odour given to the private region by dirty underwear is something only a lady can explain. One of them described it as coming in contact with a he-goat and another described sleeping with a man with a smelly private region as eating dirty underwear. A disgusting experience one would only endure because of money and marriage.

From the side of men, Mr. Uchenna Okereke, a trader in Owerri said this, “Before I got married, a girl visited me and I knew what she had come for, but I was so ashamed to take off my cloths because of the odour that will result from it. I was so afraid that if she finds out how dirty I was on the inside, she would never come to me again. That day I acted as if I was angry, gave her transport money to go home.

“I had money to buy 30 pairs of boxers because half of my weekly budget on alcohol would do that but I never deemed it necessary. But most importantly, I never saw reasons to wash the ones I had”

b. Itching: The itching from dirty underwear is something common with almost all of us. I have had the experience when I stuck to the same boxers for three days and it is usually one funny experience that could change your girt in the middle of the road. It could make you switch position while sitting and something, you would never realize where you are and you will start scratching.

This is embarrassing because you just don’t have any excuse for that. People will either say your underwear is itching you or you have one infection or the other.


Most people still don’t believe that wearing dirty underwear could cause any form of disease or the other to men. Thanks to God we are not women who suffer this mostly because of the nature of their private region, but then, we are still men and the nature of the scrotal sack which is soft and sensitive means something can easily get into it.

a. Yeast Infection: Yeast and fungi and they flourish in non-cotton, tight, or underwear which traps heat and moisture.  The common symptoms of this infection are burning sensation when urinating as well as itching in the scrotal region.

Yeast infection is prominent in women because it leads to candidiasis but men who have a different body structure often escape from its manifestation even when the disease is there.

b. Scrotum Eczema: This is another one that could mesmerize a man and make him never to pull off his boxers in the presence of a woman because the entire private region mostly looks like it has been painted with another colour different from that of the skin.

Scrotum eczema comes with its pack of embarrassment and persistent wearing of dirty underwear could also cause this.

c. Dry Skin on Balls: Dirty underwear and tight underwear made of some synthetic fabrics can cause high temperature in the scrotal region which will in turn lead to dryness of that region and itching.

With itching being the number one symptom of almost every scrotal infection, the resulting action is usually scratching which may worsen the case by causing redness and inflammation of the area. 

There are other diseases like Jock Itch which is also a fungal infection and athlete’s foot which is associated with wearing dirty socks. Underwear is something every man should stay away from and we should also stop punishing the women in our lives denying them some special times with us because of one avoidable infection. 

I say this again, putting a woman through inhaling the disgusting odour of your private region because she is your wife and would never say no to you is an unimaginable wickedness that must end.

Stay clean till we meet again, because it is the man we are.

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