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The Man We Are: Is Christmas worth a year?


If the period has so much worth, why does FRSC place more ‘drive carefully’ adverts on the media? Why does crime rate go on the high? 

Christmas is not really one of the best titles people want to read at this point in the year, because to many, it holds nothing but sorry and regret. They have watched themselves lose everything in a space of one or two weeks in the name of the celebration of the birth of a man whom they don’t even know.

One thing I hate about Christmas is just all the titles we see from the middle of December, advising us to know that Jesus is the reason for the season. I know it is so true, but I think those writers should have started by august because at times, even the people saying it don’t know what they are saying.

Suddenly one will start asking if it will be possible for Christmas to be scrapped in the minds of people, maybe call that period a Homecoming Holiday. A period when people can go home and see their loved ones. They will find a way not to scrap the chicken off because it is mostly the only time some children get close a full chicken in their mothers’ pot.

The real worth of Christmas

Put aside the chicken, food and reunions, what else is the worth of Christmas and please don’t take me to the birth of Jesus Christ because I am so sure that almost everyone who die during the buildup of Christmas does not know who Jesus Christ is.

One would wonder if I am Christian and I will not be answering that because what I believe in is in my heart. It pains me when I watch people die for nothing in the name of Christmas.

If the period has so much worth, why does Federal Road Safety Commission [FRSC] place more ‘drive carefully’ adverts on the media? Why does crime rate go on the high? Why do we have deaths here and there? Is that the best way to celebrate the birth of a Saviour?

The real worth of Christmas, is the prayers; the hymns and the songs of praise for a Saviour that is born, not to the world, not the church, a certain race or country, but to you and to me.

The birth of Jesus Christ is supposed to be in our hearts. It is supposed to stir up good things in us and not crimes.

Low income earners are the greatest victims of Christmas. Most of them have remained where they are for many years because they want to travel home and show off.

For some people, the amount of money they spend for just Christmas will be equal to what they spend for half of the year and imagine if they saved it and stuck to prayers and repentance as a way of celebrating their Christmas.

I didn’t say they should skip the chicken and rice. That part must be included, it won’t be bad if you can afford it without pains.

Hello I’m Mr. January

This is one call everyone hears more after Christmas. January has now become the reality of every Christmas dream and most people act blindly to finish their December salaries in December.

Come to think of it! People who receive their salaries on 30th, manage it till the next month end. Why do we pressurize employers to pay by December 23, only for us to squander everything in the name of Christmas?

Free education in some states have come to be a relief for some parents who are usually faced with the question of how to pay the school fees waiting by January.

This is not the end of Christmas, we still have more to come. But I am still sure that 99.8% will never see this as a mistake, they will see it as a way of life.

And the girl still goes

Men are often the greatest victims in the whole thing because in most cases, while they are fighting for their needs, they also have one woman on the sideline they must carter for.

Call her wife or girlfriend, impressing her in most cases remains his priority and he would always be ready to go all the way to put a smile on her face during Christmas.

Some work harder, other commit all sorts of crimes in the name of Christmas, only for them to lose the girl at the end of the day.

Every day is Christmas

Every day to me is Christmas, so you can eat good food, wear your best cloths and go to nice places. Every day is a gift giving day and you can eat chicken and exotic meals if you can afford them.

Every man must learn that what he is saving up is called ‘life savings’ and not ‘Christmas savings’. No one has the time to feel sorry you. When you lose something, you have to get it back yourself and it will be about your time.

Let’s keep getting wiser ahead of next Christmas and every day of lives, it is the man we are.

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, chikisnow@yahoo.com | 08038704454 | Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: HardyNwa | BBM: 56226EE1

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