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The Man We Are: Underwear 101 – the course we always fail

Some men think their underwear is already under and has nothing to say about them or will never affect them in anyway. When I hear such thoughts, I just laugh and call those people ‘learners’.  The choice of underwear is always about preference, what is affordable and the trending fashion. Most people often put comfort last and this is wrong.

Just like a woman, a man’s underwear says so much about him and should be one important aspect of his fashion life. It is also so funny to note that in terms of statistics, men buy the lowest number of underwear, and sometimes, a man could go through a year with as low as five boxers and two pairs of socks.

Underwears have recently proven to be the pride of women and aside the few modifications, they have been made to keep our eyes glued to them, the numbers also count. For those that grew up in public compounds, remember how a lady would love to cover the entire lines with her panties after laundry. 

When you count the high numbers and also see how clean and fashionable they are, it gives an insight into how clean the lady is, even though no one has ever asked why a lady would be stocking dirty underwear just for a show. Laugh on that

The tight underwear

Some men believe that very tight underwear brings out their figures in that region, just as smokers believe they are getting high. The truth is, you are free to get all the figures out like a Christiano Ronaldo statue, but you are paying the price gradually.

The testes which produce and store sperm were put outside the body because they need to function at a temperature lower than 37oC and tight underwear increases this temperature which lowers the amount and quality of sperm produced and the chances of a man’s sperm fertilizing a woman’s egg.

Tight underwear also interferes with the defense mechanism of the testes which involves hanging low in the cold and pulling back when it is hot.

Dirty underwear

There is no justification for dirty underwear and it is an all-round malpractice in living. Men who wear dirty underwear are often seen as lazy because even the poor can still keep it clean.

Dirty underwear is not an issue of money, time or reasons. It is just a thing of choice and it is really a bad choice by those who wear them.

Dirty underwear causes, itching, inflammation, bacterial infection and wounds in the private area. Aside these, it stinks and causes body odour. Men often certify a woman clean when her underwear and everything associated with the private area are sparkling clean; it is same for women. They will always say that men who wear dirty underwear give them the highest trouble. “Sleeping with them is more of eating dirty underwear. It’s like sleeping with a hegoat because you have to deal with the unpleasant odour all through”, a lady told me.

Do we forget socks?

Socks are the cheapest piece of underwear for men and yet I still wonder why most men don’t have much of it. A good sock is selling for just Hundred Naira on every Nigerian street and aside those who want to go for the very expensive ones, they are really cheap and everyman is supposed to own at least ten pairs of it.

Just like the boxers, dirty and torn socks can be embarrassing from the infections, the odour to the unpleasant look when a man takes off his shoes. 

There are however many diseases involved with wearing dirty socks but by next week, we will be looking at those.

Washing your underwear

Men are always advised to wear clean underwear which can only come through washing, unless he is ready to dispose anyone he wears which I don’t really see happening in the life of any man. 

Men, who are involved with jobs that associate with sweating such as, bricklaying, carrying of loads and construction works, are not supposed to repeat underwears. They are supposed to wash them every day. This ensures that the sweat and dirt from the previous day’s job will never cause any discomfort or infection on the testes and the private areas.

Recommendations and the pride

Tight and dirty underwear should be off the grid of any man. Men should go for things that make them comfortable and not really the trending fashion or just what they see in the market.

Just like I urged men to work toward getting more cloths last week, they should also work towards getting more underwear. Having between 3-13 pairs or more will be wonderful; this will offer flexibility the cleanliness required for optimal healthy living. Cotton underwears are mostly recommended because they absorb extra sweat unlike other materials with low absorption which can cause odour when sweat dries up in that area. 

We are now getting close to it, see you next week for more on underwear and whatever you do, keep it clean, because it is the man we are.

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