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The media died a long time ago in Nigeria. Today, it has been buried

The Media in Nigeria has been buried

The media died a long time ago in Nigeria. Today, it has been buried
I used to think such things as the Concentration of Media Ownership in the hands of a few elite guys and government was a big albatross against the media’s functions as the fourth Estate in the check and balances equation of serious political entities until I discovered how worst things can still get with the case of the Former Deputy Central Bank Governor of Nigeria, Dr. Obadiah Mailaifa.
Do you know what has actually happened with the fining of Nigeria Info, the media house who got punished with a 5 million Naira fine for Dr. Obadiah’s utterances on their platform?
Well, I will tell you. It is called censorship across the board. The libel and slander Lawsuit or hate speech that used to suffix in such cases are no longer enough. The media law implementation in Nigeria has been moved up a notch.
What has transpired simply implies that going forward, media houses will think twice before they invite people whose views are considered “controversial” in Nigeria to their media shows. This one tactic is a masterstroke as people who raise very critical socio-econo-political issues will forever be sidelined unless things begin to change for the better in the future. I DOUBT.
They don’t wanna go after opinion bearers only, platforms for such opinions are being taken out one at a time as well with these stupid fines.
Woe betides a polity without such platforms.
They want a uniform position out there on local issues.
Dr. Obadiah is a high profile Nigerian therefore, his utterances are likely true. It is hard for any Nigerian who has tested political power or who is close to power to say things that may upset the balance of political power. I mean, very few people will shoot themselves in the leg. When they do, their utterances usually have some truth in it.
Like, how could this media house have known exactly what Dr. Obadaiha’s answers to their questions would have been? How can you fine them for what someone who does not work for them said?
I call this censorship on steroids.

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