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The Nigeria Question: The Many Woes Of An Ailing Country

Message From Theo Rays On The Crusade For Better Nigeria



The world will start to change from Nigeria. That’s what God revealed to me. According to the revelation, the situation of things in Nigeria is so bad that changing Nigeria is as good as changing the entire world because anything that can change Nigeria can as well change any other part of the world.

To change Nigeria there is need to identify those negative factors that are militating against the country. Below are some of the negative factors which in other words are the woes of the country in my own opinion.

1) The people believe in time and leadership without mechanism

Nigerians likes to see things unfold for itself with little or no effort. Most Nigerians are used to say that time we tell or future will tell or that the country is still growing. That is why they patronise and promote false prophets and support leaders without performance.

Nigerians are promoting false prophets than any other people in the world. Nigeria leaders are arguably the poorest performers globally. Some will quickly end up the discussion with a fallacious remark that it took America over 200 years to reach where they are today.

Such don’t know that it took China, Singapore, Malaysia and some others less than 20 years graduate from the third world to the first world. In a highly advanced world of today, certain things do not need time, they need just mechanisms.

For instance, I live in environment where people still use to trek far distance to fetch water. The world of today has proved that water is everywhere around us, so what the people need is the mechanism to get water inside their rooms not time.

Considering the advancement of the world today, Nigeria does not need time to deal with its challenges it needs mechanisms. Simple and short. I have got the mechanisms hence this message and The Crusade that I am driving.

2) Poor or lack of network with God

The high level of corruption, violent crimes like terrorism, kidnapping, banditry, ritual killing, cultism and general suffering exemplified in ravaging diseases, poverty, hunger and malnutrition are clear signs that Nigerians are not really connected with God.

Those who believe in God along with the rich and the elites are lacking in power and capacity because they are not really connected with God.

For instance, Ndigbo as Christians, with high number of the rich and the educated, supposed to parade and show a frightening power and capacity in Nigeria but they cannot do that owing to lack of proper interface with God.

Nigeria cannot work if the people do not connect with God in the real sense. I am providing Ndigbo and Nigeria with a fresh platform upon which they can really connect with God.

3) Lack of sacrifice for nation building among the people

Nigeria is arguably the only place in the world today where the citizens are more interested in taking from their country than giving to it.

The leading tribes who are the key players at the centre are competing in different fronts to occupy political positions, occupy civil service positions and do any available government jobs and to buy every available land everywhere in the country to establish businesses.

This is why corruption is massively thriving in the country. None of these key players can point to what they have sacrificed to develop and grow Nigeria for the benefit of the inhabitants.  Nigeria cannot work if the key players are not interested in making sacrifices to build their country.

4) Non Interest In Competing With The Rest Of The World

No new school in England in the last fifty years. Why? Because schools are not established for business of making personal gains.  Schools are established to prepare people for nation building and so to put their nation in a stronger position to compete with the rest of the world.

Nigerians are not interested in global competition among nations of the world. Schools and other social sanctuaries are established for personal gains.

5) Absence Of Non Conformists

There is absence of non-conformists in Nigeria. The people are in lack of altruistic spirit even though they so much believe in God. And they are rich and well educated too.

The point is that Nigeria is suffering from selfishness among the citizens. As earlier noted key players as tribes and individuals are more interested in what they take from Abuja instead of what to give to their country.

People are more interested in protecting their money than protecting their country. People are more interested in protecting their religious denominations, their tribes and their positions than protecting their fellow country people.

Is that how to develop and build a country? Nooooooooooo!

Join me in this Crusade.

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