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The Nigeria Solution: We Need Fault Finders, Pathfinders And Navigators

Message Of Divine And Human Turn Around From Theo Rays


Before I start this message, let me explain that as a global Evangelist from Enugu Ezike in Igbo land, I am fully committed to the cause of Ndigbo and ever ready to participate and contribute my quota the way I consider good enough in navigating the target of Ndigbo into reality, be it Restructuring or restoration of Biafra or self-determination.

Having said this, let me explain why I use Nigeria as the phrase of my message on divine and human turn round. First, I use Nigeria as a case in point of a situation or State of a human community that need divine and human turn around in response to the myriad of challenges facing the people.

I have the opinion that any mechanism as vision, message, initiative, features, measures and programs that can address the challenges facing Nigeria can address the challenges facing any human community in any parts of the world. Second, as a Global Evangelist I see Nigeria as a fertile ocean for soul fishing and winning into the kingdom of God.

Thirdly, I believe that people in all parts of country need the kind of vision, message, initiative, features, measures and programs that I have at this point in time.

The topic of my message today is that Nigerians, Ndigbo and Christians worldwide need fault finders, pathfinders and navigators to enforce change into the system of the human community. We have to develop interest in finding fault why tings are bad, why people misbehave and why they are not capable to live a good life.

Most people are not interested in finding fault and that is why we are not making a meaningful headway towards addressing the challenges facing us a country, tribe or religious group. If a vehicle breaks down, the mechanic have to first of all find out the cause of the breakdown before he can fix it.

Attempt to fix the vehicle without finding the cause of the breakdown will put the vehicle in more trouble. We cannot fix our system without identifying those things behind the failure of the system.

There are too many faults in our system. Too many faults in our thinking, visions, messages, initiatives, features, measures, structures, programs and movement. The Colonial Masters and the Missionaries established School, Hospital and Church for us to use and develop and drive into a good system of life but those things have been converted and misplaced into money making machines.

That is a fault. School, Church and Hospital are primarily meant to develop people, give them knowledge and health care service with money coming in a distance second and third positions. For us now money is the first, second and third in place.

Every Church now have a school because they see school as a lucrative business. There are many faults in the Church and that is most disturbing among all the faults in our system. The Church has failed to play a good role in human development or human building.

Once a Christian do something like prophesy or healing the next thing is to establish a Church and then place himself as an outright human leader like a king and continuously impose personal monetary interest and profit making projects on the people. A Bishop or Prophet or Pastor is a servant not a king nor a leader. Neither the prophets nor the apostles placed themselves as outright leaders. They were servants of the time.

The worst fault among Christians is that people see the Church and those who parade themselves as founder or leader as God Himself. I met a rich man who is a member of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Church and he told me how Suleman is performing healing and miracle and even raising the dead and traveling round the world to preach.

I found out that everything he knows and does about God revolves around Suleman. To him Suleman’ is God and he is ready to do whatever Suleman ask him to do. Most Christians are like this man. They see the Bishop or Prophet or Pastor or even the Cathedral as God. Doing miracle and healing works doesn’t place anybody near what God is and what God stands for. People mistake Bishops, Pastors and Prophets to be God and that is why Church leaders wield enormous influence on the people.

But unfortunately their influence is limited to raising money. Most of these Church owners don’t even know what their adherents need. They don’t have the capacity to lead. That is a big fault among Christians.

The main job of Christians is to raise the human capacity and calibration to be able to abstain and live a righteous life that pleases God and which serves as role model to humanity. That is why the Bible in Matt 5:13-14 defines Christians as the light of the world and salt of the earth.

The failure of the present system of Christianity owing to faults is purely and clearly exemplified in the lives of Ndigbo and Nigerians. As Christians, Nigerian lack good leadership at all levels of human community even in the village where virtually everybody is a Christian. As Christians Nigerians are regarded as one of the most corrupt people in the world.

As Christians Nigerians die of diseases and sicknesses in larger quantities more than most countries in the world with joblessness, poverty, hunger and malnutrition on the very high side. The rate of wickedness, sexual abuse, human trafficking, ritual killings, quarrelling and fighting and hatred among brothers and neighbors in Christian dominated environments in Nigeria is as high as ever. So where is the impact of Jesus Christ on the people?

A State allegedly proclaimed as a Christian State by the sitting Governor have more incidents of political violence and violent clashes among cultists than other States in Nigeria. Narrowing down to Ndigbo as predominantly Christians, as Christians Ndigbo lack capacity into Agriculture or food production and security. I have told those giant Churches all round Alaigbo to move into Agriculture and produce food to the people on a cheap note.

I have also told them to move into sports and churn out footballers and athletes into the world of sports. I have told them and I hereby repeat it that we have to rise up and change our country like prophets did in Israel. As Christians Ndigbo lack enough capacity into the politics of Nigeria and politics of the world. It takes a very strong capacity to fight and win political positions in Nigeria. On the other hand, it takes more stronger capacity to fight into the politics of the World to achieve self determination or restore Biafra.

Another faulty point we have to identify very quickly is believe in God’s grace, time and leadership without mechanisms. Again we bring the issue of capacity here. God’s grace, time and leadership cannot work without capacity to enact and implement workable mechanisms.

For now Nigeria, Ndigbo and Christians don’t have a workable mechanisms and that is what God is driven through me. I see myself as a fault finder and pathfinder with emphasis on capacity building. I am coming from the religious angle as an Evangelist. There are other fault finders and pathfinders in different angles in Igbo land and Nigeria.

Olisa Agbakoba SAN, Femi Falana SAN and Kingsley Muoghalu are fault finders and pathfinders on the system of things in Nigeria. Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka is a fault finder and pathfinder on Igbo culture and tradition and socio economic system of Ndigbo. Comrade Emeka Umegbalasi is a fault finder and pathfinder in the area of human right and governance in Nigeria.

Prince Chinedu Nsoffor is a fault finder and pathfinder on business and education system in Nigeria. Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) led by Professor Uzodinmma Nwala, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, Tony Nnadi and Lower Niger Congress (LNC) are fault finders and pathfinders on the struggle for self determination in line with international laws of the United Nations and others too numerous to emotion.

Join us!

We are our own service. The present condition of things in Nigeria is calling for new ideas and knowledge and people cannot hide from it. We have to accept new ideas and knowledge regardless of the religious belief we profess or the Church denomination we belong to otherwise we are finished. That I am not a Catholic or Muslim or Anglican and so I don’t belong should be discarded in our system.

Following what others are saying or doing like attending ADF or IPOB meetings does not stop me from preaching the gospel as an Evangelist. That you listened to what Falana is saying or what Ezeonwuka is saying and put them at work doesn’t stop you from doing your business and it can’t change your identity as Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.

That you buy into what Umeagbalasi and Nsoffor are doing doesn’t make you a bad person, it will improve on your way of life. That you fellowship and pray with me doesn’t mean that you are no longer a Catholic or Anglican or Muslim. During the 2019 general elections, members of IPOB participated in voting exercise and that did not mean that they are no longer on the Biafra struggle.

So those of us in the business of finding faults that are militating against humanity and finding a better path of life need everybody to collaborate with us while we in turn should endeavour to give room for arguments and even surrender to superior argument.

We are our own service. It is wrong of those that don’t see the rot in our system and the need to affect changes as quick as possible. It also wrong of those who depend on personal acquisition of money and property and who have settled with making money and eating money as their responsibilities in this life.

Life is not just about making money and eating money, it also entails making good will, building alliances, building support base for the poor and the needy and finding ways to help others help themselves. Everybody have to join hands in finding fault and finding a better path of life.

If you cannot come out to say something bring money for navigation. We need to navigate a better Christian path, a better political system, better education standard and better health care system, better business environment and better leader standard all levels of human community.

We need to raise capacity of the people mostly our youth to be able to take opportunities and possibilities in today’s world. Opportunities and possibilities are lavishing in sports, mostly football. It is also lavishing in agriculture, tourism, science and technology while our people are jobless, poor and hungry with diseases terrorising people all over the places. We need to rise and work and not wait for time without mechanisms.

I have said it that my vision and programs is not my personal business, it belongs to the Christian fold in particular and humanity in general. I am happy to see traditionalists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and others take and read my books.

For me it an open door service to all. Bring your views and opinion and let’s drag it and I assure you I will surrender to superior argument. I am ready to present my vision and message of human programming and reprogramming to individuals, families, groups, urban and rural communities in Nigeria and beyond.

And also ready to Minister and pray with you and your family as part of features and measures to address our problems because so doing we shall win souls into the kingdom of God.

Join me!

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