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The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday – LIVE [Updated]

The Nigerian Senate LIVE

You are welcome to our series: The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday [LIVE]

• It’s a new legislative week in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

• Senate President @bukolasaraki leads the Senate Leadership into Plenary.

• Senate President @bukolasaraki takes the Official Prayer.

• The Senate adopts the votes and proceedings of the last sitting. The motion is moved by Sen. Shaba Lafiagi; seconded by Sen. Jeremiah.

• Senate Leader moves that Senate moves to the consideration of Bills for second reading.

• The First is a Bill for an Act to Provide for measures to address climate change with a view to assisting to achieve a sustainable future for the country; to set targets to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within Nigeria to promite the use of renewable sources of energy; to promote business and community understanding about issues surrounding climate change; to facilitate the early development of policies & programmes to address climate change & for other purposes 2016 SB 108 by Senator Isah H. Misau (Bauchi Central)

• Senator Isah Misau who’s the mover of the Bill rises to read the lead debate for the #ClimateChange Bill.

• Senator Sabi Abdullahi rises and speaks for the #ClimateChange Bill. He posits that Nigeria need such important bill to be passed now.

• Senator @dino_melaye rises to speak in favour of the #ClimateChange. He speaks about the deadlines that have been in place yet nothing done.Senator Ali Wakili also rises to speak in support of the #ClimateChange Bill. He lends his total support and urges all senators to pass it.

• Senator Lanre Tejuoso as well rises and says the nation need to revert to the era of Tree Growing.

• Senator Bukar Abubakar also speaks on the to look to alternative energy sources and speaks about the disappearance of charcoal.

• Senator Bukar charges the @FMEnvng to work more and ensuring Nigeria makes efforts regarding #ClimateChange

• Sen @benmurraybruce now speak. He says Govt. looks & does nothing about #ClimateChange. He says ‘We are guilty of global warming except me’.

• Senator @benmurraybruce adds ‘I drive an electric car; I don’t use petrol and I don’t destroy the environment’  #ClimateChange Bill

• Senator @benmurraybruce says the #ClimateChange Bill is probably the most important bill in the Senate and all should support it.

• Senator @ShehuSani peaks on the #ClimateChange Bill. He says there is the need for information to set targets against greenhouse emissions.

• Senate President @bukolasaraki now concludes the debate on the #ClimateChange Bill SB 108. He asks if any1 want to speak against it… None!

• SP @bukolasaraki says it’s a good bill with great timing. He adds that ‘it’s best we domesticate decisions from int’l conferences attended’.

• SP @bukolasaraki says Nigeria must catch up with what different nations have done regarding #ClimateChange and gains from the recent #Cop21

• SP @bukolasaraki also commends the sponsor of the #ClimateChange Bill SB. 108 Senator Isah Hamma Misau for a well done job.

• SP @bukolasaraki refers the #ClimateChange Bill to the C’ttee on Environment, Ecology and Climate change for further legislative inputs.

• Senator Adamu Abdullahi raises a Point of Order. He wishes to raise a motion.

• Senate President @bukolasaraki says the motion from his point of order will be taken at the next legislative day.

• Senate Leader now moves to the next Bill for consideration.

• The Bill for an Act to make provisions for Freedom from Hunger and the Right to adequate food of acceptable quality; the right of every child to basic nutrition and for connected purposes 2016 SB. 71 by Senator Theodore Orji (Abia Central)

• Senator Theodore Orji rises for the lead debate of the #HungerBill. He speaks in the need to provide good food for Nigerians.

• Senator @IsiakaAdeleke1 now rise to speak on the #HungerBill. He says categorically ‘there is hunger in the land; Nigerians are hungry’.

• Senator @IsiakaAdeleke1 adds that the #HungerBill SB. 71 is an important Bill  but implementation must be well monitored.

• Senator Jonah D. Jang now speak on the #HungerBill. He says there is the need to encourage large scale farmers to increase food production.

• Senator David Jonah Jang suggests that the Senate #AgricCttee visit Plateau State to see what’s been done regarding ranching & agriculture.

• Senator Adamu Abdullahi rises to speak on the #HungerBill as well.

• Senator Sam Egwu rise to speak passionately on losses of farmers and livestock producers. He talks on Agricultural Insurance.

• Senator Adamu Aliero speaks on the #HungerBill. He speaks of a nation that cannot feed itself; importing food it can produce locally.

• Senator Adamu Aliero concludes that Food Security is very important to everybody and must be vigorously pursued.

• Senator @oluremitinubu now takes the floor. She says it’s the worst of times yet the best of times for the nation.

• Senator @oluremitinubu says the new FG just came less than a year ago and asks former Governors in the Senate what they did while in office.

• Deputy Senate Leader, Sen. Na’allah speaking on the #HungerBill suggests ways for the govt to internally generate revenue for agriculture.

• Senator Na’allah concludes by urging his Distinguished colleagues to support the Bill, he says it is doable and should pass 2nd reading.

• Senator Buhari Abdulfatai lends his voice on the #HungerBill, says youths roaming the streets should be given soft loans by Bank of Agric.

• The #HungerBill passes 2nd reading and is reffered to the Committee on Agriculture report back as soon as possible.

• SP @bukolasaraki commends the sponsor of the #HungerBill and all other Senators who contributed, says he hopes the Cttee will do a good job.

• Senator Leader moves for the Senate to stand down the other matters in the Order Paper due to an emergency meeting scheduled at 1pm.

• Senate President @bukolasaraki now puts the question forward for the Senate to adjourn plenary to Wednesday 4th May 2016.

• The Nigerian Senate adjourns plenary to Wednesday 4th May, 2016.

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