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The Oraifite Police clash: An inside story


Report from an Oraifite Indigene: I was disturbed by the fact that such unsavoury news was coming out of Oraifite. So I made a couple of calls to know what was happening.

At the heart of the matter is power tussle: Barrister Ejiofor wants to become the “owner” of Otube.

I believe most of us her are familiar with Otu Eke (Otube cult) in Oraifite. Apart from being the lawyer of the unarmed Indigenous People of Biafra, Ifeanyi Ejiofor is also, professionally speaking, the legal adviser of ‘Otu-Eke Cultural Masquerade Group’ in his Oraifite hometown. Some time ago, the Masquerade group had issues among its members, leading to a split and formation of a rival “Otu-Afor Masquerade group”. The two rival masquerade groups derived their names from ‘igbo’s Eke and Afor market days’.

The story is that Barrister Ejiofor after joining Otu Eke sometime ago, over time decided to register the organisation with the CAC and thereafter started claiming patency right over Otu Eke.

He therefore started insisting on having the final say in any decision of the cult without whivh such decisions won’t be implemented. And to ensure that, he flooded the cult with his IPOB boys.

When his dictates became too difficult for the elders in the cult to swallow, they decided to leave the “Otu Eke” for him and formed another one they called “Otu Afo”. I even heard that later “Otu Nkwo” was also formed. So the Otube cult we knew broke up into 3 factions.

Subsequently, Barrister Ejiofor decreed that only his Otu Eke can put on that Otube attire.

Earlier today, the Otu Afo faction was having a funeral ceremony for their late member. Some of them therefore turned out in Otube outfit. When Barrister Ejiofor, who buried his brother few days ago and so was still in the village heard that, he sent his boys to arrest all those putting on the Otube attire.

So his boys went to the  burial venue, brat up a lot of people and, derobed some people in Otube attire publicly (an abomination) and abducted some others to his house.

So the chairman of the Otu Afo people got in touch with Sir Emeka Offor to complain to him.

Sir Emeka Offor was said to have informed the police command in Oraifite who dispatched their men to Barrister Ejiofor'[s house to rescue the abducted Otube.

The police underestimated the kind of reception awaiting them at Barrister Ejiofor is house. When they got there, they were attacked by IPOB boys guarding Barrister Ejiofor’s house.

The consequence was that 2 of the police men were killed and see ablaze in the police vehicle whilst some others were injured but luckily escaped with their lives.

So the police had to call for reinforcement but by the time they came, Barrister Ejiofor had escaped. So the reinforcement team of Policemen and Soldiers set Barrister Ejiofor’s house ablaze.

A very unfortunate incident but its high time Barrister Ejiofor is dealt with, IPOB or no IPOB.

My main concern actually is the innocent Oraifite indigenes that will loss their lives and property in this senseless power tussle.

How can a small boy of yesterday be claiming patency right over an association that I am sure existed before his great grand parents were born, just because he is a lawyer and has a group of senseless lazy youths at his command?

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