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The Orji Kalu Decoy, A Coy Hypothetical Analytic

By Bestman Eruba


There’s absolutely no need to thank Buhari for jailing Orji Uzor Kalu. Mr President is not the head of the judiciary neither is he a jury.

I think it is rather too early in the day to celebrate Orji’s purported incarceration for a matter that can lie to the Supreme Court before it can be decided conclusively. Let’s not proceed to celebrate the downfall of our brother who has contributed his modest effort towards the advancement of our people and immediate society despite some overwhelmingly glaring shortcuts.

Let’s remember the good old days, let’s remember our union as kit and kin, let’s remember that we cannot forget certain things about his positive sides and dwell on them till when we can convincingly say he has been convicted. Orji made most of us. Through divine connections and human channels alot of us owe our first appearance in public service to his credit before things fell apart.

The frenzy to write demeaning articles and headlines for people who we don’t like that are bad and the urgency to praise people who we like that are bad but in our good books is become increasingly nauseating.

Everywhere we are confronted with PDP this , APC that and so on yet we refuse to write and talk about the ills that stare us in the face immediately every day. When Fashola on the floor of the National Assembly was asked about his relationship with Tinubu by Senators, he retorted in response to their inquisition and said:

“May the day never come, when your loyalty will be tested”.

Most of us have fallen below the loyalty test and have become consequentially sick.

We are sick because we select what to remember and forget those things we wish not to talk about yet the memoirs of this events are crystallized in our nostalgic recollections .

When eventually we agree that we can see, it with a condition in which our visual images come to a focus behind the retina of the eye, our vision becomes better for distant than for near objects we suffer from farsightedness and hypermetropia.

Our deficit in memory caused by the brain’s inability to retrieve information that is undesirable. We assume that there’s a difficulty in forming new memories. Others claim not to recall facts or past events yet we forget that our mild memory loss is a significant indication of amnestic disorder if we are not aging.

Our corporate spectacle today wears a high degree of shortsightedness because see only things that are favourable. My people we cannot continue to be sentimental and hateful. We must abhor our lower passions and allow our intellectual gravitas to actuate our reasoning.

If a case is bad then it is incurable yet 12 and half a dozen are the same.

We need not bemoan the cut thief because our favoured thiefs are at large. We need to be circumspect otherwise most of us will go down memory lane as publishers of hypocrisy.

We have become all too hyperthyroidismistic with our wishes and too many of us in our charateristic hypothermiatic are vociferous when is no longer convenient for us in our ignominy.

Orji ‘s flaws notwithstanding, I love his personality and political style. His passion for sports, his urge for Igbere his native land to be an ivory land, his unquenchable zeal for the Igbo race to be reckoned with, his political sagacity, his pattern of rewarding loyalty, his unrepentant determination to do whatever he believes is good and favourable to his people, his self-confidence and limited educational abilities that he has converted to a stream of theatrics, his never dying quest to conquer new grounds, his indomitable spirit.

He is certainly one man I want to walk home freely. But if he is guilty there’s nothing we can do about it.

Those trudging to bring Orji down should remember pay day what goes around comes around, we fairly know how many of them that are guiltless. Yes ! Every human being has a flaw. If we dig yours, we will find it.

Let the law deal with Orji if he can’t be set free, his guilt will determine. Justice i know will finally find a way.

If you are leaving in a glass house, don’t throw stones. Let leave the sleeping dog to lie.



But there’s a text in the Bible, especially in the King James Version that reads:

“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; … You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye”. – (Matthew 7:5).

Bestman Eruba

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