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The Osun State We Deserve ~ By Ademola Adeleke

“Our mission is to transform Osun into a state that works for us all…” – Ademola Adeleke

  1. A state where our people can afford a decent living
  2. A state where government workers work with pride and dignity and are paid regularly and promptly
  3. A state where the opportunities to grow and thrive will be accessible to every sons and daughters of OSUN State
  4. A state where mother and child receive good quality healthcare and our aged/elderly receives the adequate care they deserves
  5. A state where our students rank as one of the brightest and best in Nigeria and educated by highly competent and motivated teaching staff
  6. A state where our Farmers Are Truly Kings (AGBE L’OBA), benefiting from the fruits of their labour, producing good quality farm produce, using government provided high yielding seeds, trees, land, farm implements and inputs including fertilizsers
  7. A state where every corner is connected by a web of good road infrastructure
  8. A state that is economically buoyant with productive/gainfully employed youths
  9. A state that will prioritise spending on people-impact projects that will improve the welfare of her citizens instead of building wasteful monuments
  10. A state with zero tolerance for corrupt practices…

Senator Ademola Adeleke, the right man to move osun state forward ➡

These are not just mere election promises, but responsible acts that are morally right, just, equitable and deserving by our people…

*OSUN KOYA…!!!!!*

Support, Pray And Vote For Senator Ademola Adeleke As The 5th Governor Of OSUN State

Written By Ademola Adeleke

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