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The political vindictiveness, persecution and witch hunt of Sepp Blatter

sepp blatterI am a sad man this evening over the  opening of investigation by Switzerland in order to put FIFA President,

Mr Sepp Blatter on trial for corruption. 

Am sad that unlike in Nigeria, nobody in Switzerland or in the football fraternity has seen this as a witch hunt, vindictiveness or political persecution of Blatter by his opponents and enemies or should we assume they are all in a trance?

Again, am sad that Blatter led administration is singled out for trial for corruption when we all know that there were other FIFA Presidents before him, e.g. Jao Havelange, etc. Are they saying that those ones were not corrupt, that corruption started and is continued to rear it’s ugly head only during the tenure of Sepp Blatter? This is nothing but witch hunt and persecution, if they cannot put other administration’s before Blatter to trial, then they should forget about it, after all, Blatter’s administration is not the only  corrupt administration in the history of world football. 

Am wondering why people have not deemed it fit to organize protest marches and stage demonstrations in Switzerland or other major football cities to call for a halt to Sepp Blatter trial for corruption or has the world been left behind in imbibing the lessons of how not to fight corruption according to some Nigerians who are schooled in the philosophy of stealing is not corruption? 

Again, am angry that of all sports, it’s only football that is being singled out for corruption trial. According to some Nigerians dictionary, that is unacceptable, pure vindictiveness, persecution and witch hunt by opponents of Sepp Blatter. 

As the trial of Sepp Blatter commences for corruption in Switzerland , I think it is appropriate Ala the Nigeria style to issue an ultimatum that unless all the previous administration’s before Sepp Blatter as well as other sports executives are put on trial, only then will the trial of Sepp Blatter not be seen as vindictiveness, persecution and witch hunt. 

Nelson Ekujumi 

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