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 The Politics Of Spirituality – By Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Living Love Within The World Of Separation, Space And Time Without Escaping From It, Forgiveness Leads To Escape From This World And Cannot Be Practised In This World

 People who teach love and say that forgiveness is evidence of love have a point but are teaching what is not doable in this world.

 If you forgive you overlook the evil people do; if you see a murderer and forgive him, overlook his behavior what you have done is merely approve his behavior; since he did not get a consequence for his behavior he would go on murdering people.

     If you forgive kidnappers they would keep on kidnapping people, demanding ransom money for their hostage taking, being cowards for only cowards do kidnap people for money (because they are cowards they ought to be shot on the spot).

      Simply put, forgiveness does not improve anything in this world; at best it enables the person you forgive to kill you, as they killed Jesus, and you leave this world because you do not want to live in this world but this world continues as it is with evil taking place in it.

     As long as you live in this world, in body and ego, in separation, space and time you must seek ways for your body to survive, feed it, defend it (and have some ego defense mechanisms although you can be flexible about it). 

     To overlook this world is to escape from this world; escape from this world may be ultimate sign of love but it does not improve this world.

       In this world love means using ones ego and body to love other egos in bodies; this may be pseudo love, fictional love, dream love but that is all you can attain in this world for the alternative is to escape from this world and attain Holy relationships in the world of light forms and perfect love in formless spirit.

    In this world you must correct anti-social behaviors. You must punish evil folks; in this world you must send criminals to jails and prisons.

      The teaching of A course in miracles on forgiveness cannot be lived in this world and to pretend that it can is shear denial of reality.

      I know that much of what folks talk about in spirituality are true; I know that there is our world, a world of light forms (which is our world purified world with love) and the unified world of God. I know those to be true because I have experienced them; I am not talking speculatively for as an agnostic and skeptic I do not merely say something out of belief; something has to be self-evidently true for me to accept it. 

      I disagree with those who teach forgivingness as a way of getting to God. It is true that one should forgive those who wronged one but I know that forgiveness does not get people not to engage in evil behaviors.

      Jesus forgave his murderers and murderers are still murdering people. If a person rapes a child and you forgive him you are merely giving him permission to rape other children, in which case you are now the person who is raping children.

      From where I stand if you commit a crime you must be punished. If you steal you are going to jail and prison. I do not make excuses for antisocial, sociopathic and psychopathic persons.

      Folks read my writing on spirituality and come to the erroneous conclusion that I am namby-pamby on moral issues.

       I am the most realistic person you have ever met in your life; you do the crime you do the time in prison. 

       I love you alright but if you engage in antisocial behaviors I will send you to the big house to go cool your feet. Indeed, I would like to send you to a kind of Gulag where they work you to death if you commit a serious crime such as take bribery and engage in corruption. If you kill someone you must be killed, as in capital punishment.

    In the world of politics, I am a political realist in the mode of folks like Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Metternich, Bismarck, Pareto, Edward Carr, Morgenthau, Kissinger and others. I see people with clear eyes: people are prone to evil and therefore we need government and force to rein them in. Remove the police and society breaks down and law and order goes to the dogs, and chaos and anarchy rules the world.

      There is always love in heaven where we are eternally unified but on earth we are separated and live in the world of space and time; in our world each person is motivated by his self-interests and if he could would exploit other persons and step on their toes to get his way. There must be law and impersonal implementation of law for society to exist.

     I found it necessary to clarify my stance on these issues; folks in the spirituality movement are often mushy on the issues of morality. My spirituality must be crystal clear; there should be no equivocation on where I stand.

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