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The President Who Hates Nigeria ~ By Charles Ogbu

One unmistakable take-away from that Arise TV Presidential outing is that,

Contrary to popular belief, President Muhammadu Buhari is not some mentally truncated, brain-dead, docile, amnesiac, senile old man being tele-guided by some behind-the-scene cabal.

He is a very conscious, calculating, dark-hearted, hateful, vengeful, spiteful, vindictive, hate-filled ethno-religious irredentist systematically and strategically executing what he and his people believe is the idea of an ideal solution to the Nigerian problem.

Just so we are clear, I love the fact that Buhari is honest and transparent albeit honest and transparent in evil.

He has always been an open book. No pretense. No fakery. If he hates you, he doesn’t bother diplomatizing the hate.

He makes it abundantly clear. Those who resurrected, whitewashed, packaged and sold this human plague to Nigerians are the people I blame.

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