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The presidential mistake: Making Nnamdi Kanu legend by mistake


Photo shows Nnamdi Kanu in his studio

*Biafran match: the ‘ochu nwa okuko’ syndrome*

My old man will argue and say “like play, like play, that is how butterfly will enter bush”. The movement many people, including me, tagged the erection of the infantile has turned into a 5 star strategic synch, just like a magician with a smoke and mirror.

We saw the re-emergence of Biafra as it was resurrected by Comrade Raph Uwazulike under the umbrella of MASSOB, he walked and waking the sleeping consciousness of Biafrans of the mind into Biafrans of the reality but with trepidation and askance.

 he started the resurrection in 1999 when he came back from India after his pre-school days and as a lawyer he abandoned his law practice and borrowed Mahatma Gandhi robe of movement and initiate the minds of the youths into nonviolence group that agitates for a peaceful nation, the youths from states of the south east started buying into that gospel, then some of our elites in USA joined under the banner of Biafra Foundation, Washington DC.

The American group brought into the equation what Uwazulike and MASSOB lacked in tactics. They started the first Vobi Radio [Voice of Biafra International] they were broadcasting from Washington  with astute intelligence, but the loveless marriage between MASSOB and Biafran Foundation hit the rock once General Obasanjo started his ground work , he send emissaries with bags of money among the groups and they dropped he Biafran quest and started the naira hunt ,the crack became obvious when even Uwazulike refused to be reasoned with , the Biafran Foundation started acting like tiny gods , the people that stood with them were kicked in the groin and one of the most vibrant internet arms of Biafran Foundation called  Biafran Actualisation Forum [BAF ] were deserted , it was a Yahoogroups solidarity forum where the awareness of Biafra grew like wild fire .

Well to cut down the long story into a shorter version, after Uwazulike went to Kuje Prison and released, it was rumoured that he was giving tons of money, be it as it may, after that the centre of MASSOB cannot hold, factions emerged, splinter groups persisted and among those splinter we have this Nnamdi Kanu.

The one million man match in Onitsha

Cut to the chase; Nnamdi Kanu talked rough and raw without decorum, his approach irritates many people, his message wasn’t the best and many people did not take him serious. Only some wounded youths that believe in some almighty UN that will wake up and pronounce Biafra, but those in the know did not take him serious.

Today the president in his many mistakes has made Nnamdi to gain so many disciples and my personal respect despite my skeptisms. The president who I started doubting his military intelligence when a phantom attack was carried out against him during the days of GEJ .when it was rumoured that he has a hand in Boko Haram and when they named him as a negotiator and in a haste to distant self from the group a mock bomb attack was carried out on his convoy, the story was so pathetic that Chibok comic story sounds better. 

As a military General ,when attack was carried out on him ,he stopped his vehicle and came out in the open wearing a white clothing material and started inspecting the damage, when even a Lance Corporal will move far away from the spot because if it was a planned attack and a high profile one at that ,there must be a secondary team [at least we have watched enough Hollywood movies to learn this ],but our retired General came out and pose for pictures , but I digress ..

Then to the issue at hand ,this boy Nnamdi Kanu his only crime was sitting at the comfort of microphone and spew his jargon that did not even spare his own people , and when he came in to Nigeria ,he was arrested and that was the only thing such a person need to become a legend and today , kill him he is a matter ,release him ,he is  a 6 star general with battalions that will die for him ,keep him in prison and you may see a revolution that will awe the nation and like it or not ,i am surprise that our most intelligent sect the DSS did not see this and advise accordingly , and today see the million match that no money can buy .

From Calabar to Bayelsa to Enugwu to Rivers State ,Delta State and the boys ,youths of no more than 40 years of age  stood in the sun ,some trekked from Ogwashi-Uku to Onitsha ,they blocked off half of the highways and what they chant all the way is “No Biafra, No Peace” . “Release Nnamdi Kanu” when you see the precision and perfection of the organising team ,not even one person among the over 3 million youths carry a stone, talkless of any weapon  and they did not molest any person on the way ,they marched under intense and scorching sun un-deterred and focused .

The military gave them escort in many cases because doing counter will result into something nobody wants to be part of. The first day march was a perfect civil display of matured audience the only time they stop any vehicle are  the one with Nigerian flags ,they will stop it and remove the flag and allow the driver to continue .

Day two they marched from Onitsha into Awka and with the soldiers stationed at the entrance of Awka with the police to dispel them , when the movement which is not less than 500,000 nonviolent youths approached the barricade ,the intelligent law officer did the right thing ,they make way and followed them with security vehicles from behind ,this boys only chanted same song “No Biafra ,No Peace” and they added a twist “We don’t want Obiano again in our soil; he is not doing anything but  only drinking”. They did not touch or molest anybody.

The march was a peaceful one and the legend of Nnamdi Kanu grows and my respect for him soars because our head of state did not ask his intelligence officer what is best for this kind of person.

A good officer would’ve advised you leave his kind of person alone but put a visible team on his wake, so that he will know he is been monitored and that will control his movement and cause many people to stay away from him, but arresting him is a mistake of a minor and continue detaining him is like a needle romancing a balloon and with that I say happy Sunday my peeps.

Mazi Odera

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