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The propaganda behind fake story of Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest


nnamdi kanu, arrest

The DSS has as well tried to paint the story to describe how tactical they were in capturing Nnamdi Kanu and place it more like Kanu is hiding.  

When will the police in Nigeria ever learn to be truthful; when will they learn to be punctual and fair? The story as said looks more like a tale of pride, to exempt themselves from the mistake they made by arresting Nnamdi Kanu. 

The DSS has as well tried to paint the story to describe how tactical they were in capturing Nnamdi Kanu and place it more like Kanu is hiding.  

By way of hibernating; which simply means calculating, they have also failed to say the said lady was assisting with setting up or calculating things. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that this whole story was framed to cover their error or taint our leader. 

The certain thing is, no matter how Nnamdi Kanu’s character is assassinated, we know the unquestionable character of our hero. 

Should Nnamdi be given the press to say what happened, you would spite on these lying corrupt and puppet institution. 

There are questions and discoveries that must be laid bare to disgrace the framed story of DSS and remind Daura we are not Almajiris who saw no four walls of class rooms. 

What expertise is needed on a man that told you when he is coming to Nigeria and his route? Why were you only able to catch Nnamdi Kanu only when he had finished his tour? 

Why were you able to catch him only when he has been certified the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra in Los Angeles California at world convention of indigenous people? 

Why were you unable to catch him all those while he has been coming and going until he finished all he wanted? Do you think freedom will come without you arresting him to perfect his plans? 

Why was the said girl not arraigned as co-suspect for us to see? Why did the account take so long to be made known? Is the two pump action the arms for treason? 

You think if not a bait tactics Kanu will lodge in Lagos the city he hated so much? You think it was your expertise that has never captured any high profile that captured Kanu after his atonement?

The reality is that DSS is nagging with reality; you have made a mistake or stumbled on Nnamdi Kanu’s trap. 

It’s laughable that only when Nnamdi Kanu had finished everything he has to do was when your expertise could arrest him. Nnamdi Kanu who has been frequently visiting Biafra land only set a trap, he made his Lagos hotel lodge bait and DSS thoughtlessly invaded. 

Nnamdi Kanu is crazy about Biafra and can never stay away from Biafra land if not for the sake of enforcing his strategy. If Nnamdi Kanu did not package himself for arrest, he would have stayed in Biafra land and no man can dare his arrest. 

If Nnamdi Kanu had not packaged for his arrest, he would have stayed in hotel with his personal securities and bodyguards. If Nnamdi Kanu had not prepared his arrest, you would not have secretly arrested him and the wires on him exposed his arrest. 

Before you keep shying away from the reality that Nnamdi Kanu has superior plan and wanted to use DSS to achieve it, these are the reasons he played bait for you to thoughtlessly arrest him:

One: today because of his arrest UK parliament has moved a Biafran motion. 

Two: all media houses in the world talk about Biafra. 

Three: 98% of the world now knows about Biafra.

Four: Biafra flag has flown in all parts of the world and all parts of Nigeria, including Abuja and Lagos. 

Five: by way of arresting and will soon release Kanu, he will be able to embark on State tour in Biafra land as he embarked in abroad without complications.  

Six: for giving in to arrest, he will be able to draw the much needed tussle for Biafra and buy the heart of sympathizers. 

As the invisible girl that could not be arraigned with a man accused of terrorism and treasonable felony is nowhere to be seen, if the man that was accused of waging war against Nigeria, a man accused of being a terrorist, his so-called close associates had only two pump action for the war against Nigeria then I had asked: when will DSS quit this show of disgrace?.

If Nnamdi has been tried and found innocent, it’s important to set him free, we know the unquestionable character of Nnamdi Kanu and hence you set the tune to assassinate his character to get a bit support of Biafrans and Nigerians you have lost. 

Propaganda will change nothing about the resoluteness of the world, and DSS will forever remain the fooled in Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest. If he could not be nailed, imprisoned or killed, the least that will yet fail is propaganda against the hero of our time.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke


(For Family Writers)

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