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The Recklessness Of Threat To Send People Home In Body Bags

While the condemnation goes on and it must, She is not an election observer who according to Kaduna State Governor El-Rufai came to tell Nigerians what to do and interfere in Nigeria’s Election in 2019 she is an aid worker.

Yet whichever way you look at it the threats of El-Rufai to send them home in body bags has taken place.

When next anyone who supported El-Rufai’s stand enters the space where INTERPOL functions they should be interrogated on the SEND THEM HOME IN A BODY BAG STATEMENT.

AS NDSDM said then the statement by the Kaduna State Governor was a threat to the International Community.

If we recall not too long after PGMB was sworn in as President he directed the UN to concentrate and focus their work in the North of Nigeria.

NDSDM want to take this opportunity to caution the people of the Niger Delta region to begin to change their mind set on the reactions to the injustice of lack of development, unemployment, abuse of rights etc against the region especially the youths, we should for our own sake and rights stay within the law, as we keep our eyes and ears open to see and hear for security of our lives, land, resources, rights and future.

There is no crisis in the Niger Delta region let’s keep it that way no matter the temptations and there are many.

There are acts of criminalities all over Nigeria and in fact the world we must change and begin to build the Niger Delta of humanity.

We must be focused on the present plan for the future learning from the past.

Niger Delta have been calm to the extent that FG and the IOCs are having a great time in carting away our resources, issuing license for illegal gold mining and other solid minerals mining in the North to themselves and their kit and kin of other African countries under the guise of ECOWAS free movement, while criminalizing Crude Oil Refining in the Niger Delta by Niger Delta indigenes.

Despite all these NDSDM while not unaware of this injustice are working towards reversing these injustices within Nigeria and International laws with all legal and justified means possible.

Finally NDSDM call on the State Governors, Senators, Members of House of Representatives, State Assembly Members, LGA Chairmen and all Government appointees at all and any level to take note that the development, security, and future of our six states and the Niger Delta Region is not in their hands alone that we the people have a major say in what they do in our names

We the people, the electorates, will work with them the politicians to do what and all that is in the interest of our today and tomorrow.

God bless and give us collectively the wisdom we need by HIS grace.

May all the Souls of our people who have died for the cause of Liberty, Equity and Justice for our people, communities, LGAs, States and Region.

Annkio Briggs

Convener, Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement.


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