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The Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba I know – by Ifere Paul




My attention has been drawn to a publication on “The Nation Newspaper” of August 3rd, 2016 by a group that called itself Niger Delta Volunteers (NDV). 

It was signed by Commander Ekpo Ekpo, who is the group spokesperson. 

Others signatories are Commander Henry Etete, who is the spokesperson NDPLF, Commander Asuquo Henshaw, spokesperson for BFF, Commander Benedict Amakree, spokesperson for Niger Delta Watch Dogs.

The petition was also signed by Commander Hart Bradford of Niger Delta People Liberation Fighters, Commander Kobo Jack of Joint Niger Delta Liberation Fighters, Commander Okorochas Victor of Niger Delta Strike Force, Commander Debekme Jackson of Niger Delta People’s Salvation, and Commander Ifeanyi Kalu of Niger Delta People’s Liberation Movement.

I will have overlooked the publication but for some reasons, I felt I should clarify some of the issues they raised in their petition. For me, the group only succeeded in telling Nigerians lies. 

The aforementioned group stated that the President should “withdraw the nomination of the Chairman and the Managing Director of NDDC from the Senate and replace same with technocrats of proven integrity who have no corrupt record.”

The aforementioned group went further to posit that “these individuals who could not perform in their previous elected/appointed offices and are eyeing 2019 gubernatorial positions in their states.” They went on to describe Obong Nsima as a self centred person as Managing Director designate,  is a glaring example of misfit in this board nomination.”

They also described Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba as a person who “has held several positions of trust but has failed to bring anything good to his people.” That, and I quote: “His constituency is crying for development despite the fact that he received huge sums of money as Constituency development projects during his 16 years tenure as a Senator.” They concluded that “His main objective is becoming Governor of Cross River State in 2019 butnot developing Niger Delta.”

I am not worried about the writers of the petition. My worry is the millions of Nigerians who may have been misled by this malicious write up. The write up did not capture the person or personality of Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) at all. As a Cross Riverian, I am very proud to talk about Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) anywhere in the world.

Having known him throughout his 12 years in the senate, it will be a disservice to my people from Cross River State if I don’t correct this misconceptions as peddled by this faceless people that called themselves NDV.

First, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) did not spend 16 years in the senate as purported by this faceless unenlightened bandits. Senator Distinguish Victor Ndoma-Egba spent 12 years in the senate of meritorious service to the people of Cross River State in particular, the Niger Delta region, and Nigeria in Nigeria. He was the Senate Leader, a position he held until his exit.

While in the senate, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) spoke avidly on the deplorable conditions of all federal roads in the country. A situation that led him advocate for the construction of the Trans African road from Ekok in Cameroon to Enugu in Nigeria. Other constituency roads projects included the Obubra-Iyamong in Obubra LGA, Moturay road in Ikom, Ajassor Road, Akparabong Roads in Ikom, Apiapum Town Road, Usmontong-Ediba Road in Abi, Kakwagum Road in Boki, Boki Dam Road.

In his inspection tour in April of 2014, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) inspected of 74 constituency projects. Perhaps it will be worthwhile that I mention a few here for the benefit of a few doubting thomases.

In Abi LGA of Cross River State for instance, Senator Distinguish Victor Ndoma-Egba SAN has helped in the following projects:

1. Drainage and Irrigation (Flood and Erosion Control) works in Ediba.

2. Flood and Erosion Control works in Usumutong.

3.Mini Water Supply Scheme, Usumutong.

4. Classroom Block, Enugwema Secondary School, Ediba.

5. Construction of Police Station, Itigidi.

In Yakurr LGA,  Senator Distinguish Victor Ndoma-Egba inspected the following projects:

1. Erosion Control Works at St Patrick Secondary Secondary School, Ugep

2. Idomi Water Supply Scheme.

3. Mkpani Water Supply Scheme.

4. Library Complex, Community Secondary School, Ugep.

In Obubra LGA, the Senator Distinguish Victor Ndoma-Egba SAN inspected:

1. Flood and Erosion Control Works at Apiapum.

2. Iyamoyong Water Supply Scheme

3. Primary HealthCare Centre.

4. Classroom Block, Primary School Ogada.

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