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The spiral drowning of education in Anambra State

Peter Obi

Picture shows Peter Obi presenting cheque to schools

Education in Anambra, a contrast view*

A battle of retrogression fought and won, and gigantic progression recorded for a state in the south east called Anambra by a government that goes with ANIDS.

From a decayed education and societal decadence we attained an enviable height of being the best in all education matters for 3 years at national level; we took first in NECO, WAEC, JAMB and every other examination.

The schools we had before the Obimetric intervention were classified as Ochanja drop outs but the master of ANIDS gave the schools back to missions who manage schools with fear of God and instill disciplines back into our children; we became the cynosure of all state eyes in education.

We were proud once again to say we are from Anambra State, we prance about with dignity and honor, our children made us proud in all areas of academics, but suddenly a new sheriff is in town, a new dawn from those whose priority is not education of welfare of the people; a dawn of bottle up and acute mismanagement, crisis and antagonistic fellows.

The spiral down fall starts and we move from being the first to placing 10th, maybe next year we may be struggling with Zamfara state on who will place first from behind and yet the state careless about the serious gulf between last 3 years and immediate, they are more concerned on how to con more funds out of the innocent family that voted for them. Our education is moving faster into decline and even the elites are pretending to be deaf and blind, maybe fears or I don’t care attitude, but by his grace there must be few idiots like me who will speak out at the detriment of their lives and wellbeing.

First the teachers were compelled to accept a refurbished laptops at infuriating rate of 90,000 naira against 35,000 naira the actual market value for such ramshackle, which they are deducting from the already lean salary of the teachers, little wonder the saying goes “teachers rewards are in heaven”, meaning they have to die of hunger first, their children of Kwashiorkor, while they wait for reward in heaven.

During the days when Anambra were working on plans ,plans shrouded around “Anambra Integrated Development Strategy ”with the acronym ANIDS ,during those days ,all the schools in the state  enjoy robust relationship ,they got showered with free laptops , desk tops , Wi Fi , stand by giant generators , mast for internet , new building a modern structure , brand new tear rubber buses and mission schools enjoy more than all the above because they got financial empowerment, and that empowered them to keep us at the pinnacle of education nationally and globally .

 Let me once again itemize some of the things Anambra schools benefitted under ANIDS, which is gov Obi’s baby and brain child.

 ANIDS increased subvention of state owned tertiary institutions.

ANIDS buses for distribution

ANIDS returned school to churches and gave them enough money to put them back on strong footing.

ANIDS started the development of the permanent site of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, completed faculty of law, agriculture, admin block, among others and during final push gave the 5 billion Naira, yes you heard me right.

ANIDS tarred the roads to college of education Nsugbe, Igbariam, and Uli; ANIDS also build structures in all this schools and more

ANIDS built 5 classroom blocks in each of the 177 communities in the state.

ANIDS build Amaku Teaching Hospital [Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital] from scratch to the present.

ANIDS recruited many teachers and set aside two- year salary for them before leaving office.

ANIDS bought computers for schools without charging them one Kobo.

ANIDS bought school buses for all the schools in the state and give them fuelling money to go with it.

ANIDS provided schools with generators, labs, internet, sports equipment, sick bays among others.

ANIDS gave 1 million naira each to 1st class students against 1 million naira the present government gave to each criminal release from death row.

Above is less than 10% of what ANIDS did to our schools.

Just last week, our primary and secondary schools won the overall best, which they based on the provision of educational tools and empowerment met at schools in Anambra State. Even our teachers won best teachers award, just because nobody shoved debt down their throat.

Today ,we are witnessing an Mbadinujuristic  approach ,but with a difference ,,the former was under influence of dogfatherism  but the later had a stable and perfect setting ,which if you do not add anything just maintain the status quo ,aka ana awu everywhere , after all I was part of the campaign to swear that he did not made any promises during campaign ,he simply said he will continue from where obi stopped and introduced 4 c –continuity ,complete, commission and cripple the state .

My pain is that our government met and decided to antagonize, ok I won’t say it is the government because it was the commissioner for education who is playing the devils piano on this, she sent a memo to all the headmasters in Anambra state to pay 15,000 naira which is mandatory to her for a seminar …and I shout semi-what? Come on, seminars mostly on education are footed 100% by government ,they even bring incentives to thank the participants and cushion the transportation ,but I may be wrong because i am talking from ANIDS point of governance .

How can these head masters from over 40,000 schools in the state pay 15,000 each. Let’s go into perspective –15 ,000 x 40,000 –equal to 600,000,000 –six hundred million naira ,just for a seminar where they will bring one or two confused people that will speak in borrowed tongues for 45 minutes and declared session close .

Ana ekwu na ugwo akwukwo ndi nkuzi di poor and now we are trying to make them to start tasking students with so much corruptive measures? Are we going forward or backward?

In fact it seems I will organise Anambra people with conscience for them to join me and go and meet with Chief Peter Obi to tell him please that what he gave us, what he sold to us is defective, we want him to change it, take back the defective product and give us what we paid for –a good product.

Today our dear children are meeting the following …

Gov Willie M Obiano cancels free education in primary schools in Anambra.

1. Each pupil to buy government supplied books worth five thousand naira.

2. Nursery pupils to do same at the rate of two thousand naira.

3. The books include French novels and we have no French teacher to teach the subject.

4. Prof Omenugha the commissioner for education is to supervise the sales of the book to make sure you must buy from the government and not from the market where it will be cheaper

5. Education secretary going round school to warn parents through the kids to abide with the deadline for the payments.

6. Teachers to pay for delinquent pupil in their class if you dare teach them without collecting government enforced funds from them

This is where my old man will say “ejikwom ogu ooooo “.

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Mazi Odera

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