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The Struggle Continues – NLC



We find it appropriate once again to commend our affiliates, members and Civil Society allies for keeping faith in this struggle.

Day two which started at Berger Round about this morning recorded improved success. There is no doubt, this is due to your unqualified commitment.

On our part, we not only re-affirm our faith in this struggle, we shall not allow any distraction to take us off this path of honour.

We urge overzealous police personnel who arrested and detained some of our members in Ebonyi State to unconditionally release them immediately.

We would use this opportunity to sound a note of warning to all overzealous security personnel.

This has been a peaceful protest and we intend to keep it so.  

They should do nothing reckless to escalate it.

Finally, we would want to inform all that this protest continues tomorrow.

The take-off point is Berger Round About.  Please be there at 7a.m.

Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson

General Secretary NLC


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