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The sudden silence since BNG hoisted Biafran military flag of authority

It is indeed true that a nation is founded, held and sustained by her military. Since BNG hoisted the Biafran military flag of authority, the silence and complete withdrawal of all civilian groups marks the gulf of difference between civilian strength and military strength.

The sudden switch-off even puts Nigeria in a state of confusion; but that is the difference between a business-based agitation and a wild-card-based agitation. There is practically no road to freedom; any challenge the oppressor throws at the captive should be proportionately reciprocated if determination abounds.

Since 1999 Biafra struggle resurrected; Nigeria has been violent against peaceful agitators. Going further; the struggle came to a point words became the only weapon their captives could offer, as a result, they wielded their rod harder against Biafra of lips.

BNG announced their arrival in a unique way when they hoisted military flag of authority across Biafran territory. All civilian groups have suddenly gone mute; although, they are expected to start barking again at some point. The chill down the spine of both Nigeria and all the so-called civilian groups agitating for Biafra is testament of the capacity of BNG.

As a journalist; I have conducted my investigation and even from the lips of the so-called leaders of civilian groups fighting for Biafra, I have heard BNG is the flag bearer of the independence of Biafra if there would ever be independence.

What Nigeria threw at Biafra is what BNG seems capable of giving back and at this point; it is clear the centre will not hold anymore. The reason for the sudden silence is; among the groups fighting for Biafra, no one believes anyone could chest-trap the shot directly shot at us by Nigeria. BNG to have shown a glimpse of the ability is worth weeks of silence in honor of courage.

Nigeria has lost the argument and as such; they cannot dialogue and they cannot negotiate- thus resulting to military option. The military option was aimed- to subdue and silence the people of Biafra- which was achieved. While some may argue that words behind keyboards and radio stations count for good, many believe Nigeria has not met her match.

By virtue of hoisting a military flag; Biafra agitation is clearly taking the worst turn, what we long feared may have already be upon us. Nonetheless; even the aggressors also fear for their own lives when they meet their match. Biafra National Guard appears to be their match but while the alarm has not gone off; indication is clear- the military flag of authority hoisted for the state of Biafra by BNG is a powerful message.

The silence observed since BNG hoisted Biafra military flag of authority shows while masquerades parade the field of our struggle- they all still know the roar of the big masquerade. While Nigerian government shows strength on the weak; they still know what Biafra is capable of doing. As we patiently wait for BNG to show their cards; let the silence pass a message of certainty. Before they break the silence; remember to take note of the silence.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Indepependent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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