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The System: Afrokracy & Afrikalism ~ by Abas Eduok

Until we create and breathe life into our own system that takes the peculiarities of African spiritualism in the 21st century into consideration, being a “Prophet,” “Businessman” or “Politician” won’t do much for us or posterity.

For the purpose of power and order, human relationships default into one of the following types:

Monogamous (man + woman)

Homogamous (man + man, woman + woman)

Polygamous (man + women)

Polyandrous (men + woman)

Agapemous (non gender specific, non physical mind sex)

How do we account for the bisexuals?

Afrokracy: This maybe defined as a system of government headed by a democratically elected President (irrespective of gender or sexual relationship type) with male & female Vice Presidents, on the principles of tolerance, diversity & respect, and the oath of office is administered traditionally.

In as much as freedom of worship is sacrosanct, allegiance of the office holder cannot be to an adopted “foreign God,” for it is said, “they that know their God shall be strong & do exploits,” hence cannot be exploited to serve foreign interests – political, religious or commercial.

This fills the vacuum and guarantees female representation at the highest level of democratically elected leadership and respect for our culture & identity at all times.

The present presidential system of government in Nigeria is one of the systems copied from foreigners and fits not our #nature & culture, thus failed to satisfy our peculiarities. With Afrokracy, since we have six (6) geopolitical zones, balance of power at the center would be easy to configure & maintain.

For instance, if the President is elected from any of the Northern zones (East/West), the VPs are elected from either the South East/South West, Middle Belt/South South zones or as per a more equitable configuration.

Eligibility: Since there is age limit when it comes to job opportunities in government, VPs must not be above fifty five (55) years of age as at time of taking oath of office, this is to ensure a shift of governance at the highest level to the younger generation based on merit and credibility.

Power has to flow bottoms up not top down as we currently have it. There some 331 Languages in Nigeria and 774 LGAs. Most of the LGAs honour local cultural and linguistic proclivities.

At that level everyone knows their history based on Clan, Language Group, Ancestry etc. Therefore they can use their tradition and Culture to formulate their Governance Structures and Constitutions.

The Paramount rulers constitute heads of our traditional system of governance, which serves as the foundation for designing the #afrokratic system.

In this system, the local government council becomes the administrative & legislative arm under the Office of the Paramount Ruler, just as the Prime Minister is under the Queen in England, who is politically neutral & nonpartisan, ensuring stability, smooth transition and operation of political power at the local government level.

At the State level, the office of the Governor is made answerable to the Paramount Rulers’ Council of the State, as the Council outlives every Governor’s tenure, with internal zoning and rotational structures configured to cover its diversity.

Each state produces its Legislature by Representation as peculiar to it, which should not be overridden by or for national interest.

Resources belong to LGAs, State collects PAYE, FG collects Federal Road Tolls, Airport, Seaport Taxes, Immigration, Import Duties but no more VAT. VAT goes to LGA for hosting vatable enterprises.

If LGA wants no alcohol, they lose VAT which is shared 60% LGA, 25% SG and 15% FG. Taxes as per its Per Capita Income. Revenue Derivation from Local Government Level up not from Federation Account down. LGA Revenues are split into 3 tiers – LGA keeps 60%, gives 25% to State and 15% to FIRS.

Company Registration, Corporate Income Tax is flat for all States say 7%, LGAs decide what to charge as Deregulated State Business Tax. Each State/LGA decide how to attract companies to their LGA/State by “competitive cooperation.”

At the Federal level, The National Executive Council, comprising the Ministers & Governors headed by the President oversees the running of the country. The Senate is scrapped and the House of Representatives make laws for the nation.

Political office emolument, at the Federal & State levels, is reduced by 50% from what is presently obtainable (in Nigeria), as the idea that political leadership is an avenue for self aggrandizement is not afrokratic.

Federal Infrastructures such as Electricity Generation is Deregulated. States manage their Power Boards. States Register all Churches and they pay taxes. Charity services such as Hospitals and Schools are Tax Deductible for first 15 years. After that they must pay business tax.

Afrikalism, unlike Capitalism that runs a pyramidal economic structure, runs a decentralized toroidal system where cooperation, tolerance, equitable sharing of responsibility, resources is tied irrevocably to one’s identity.

Since the internationally recognized identity management systems are the bank card companies, ATM card number doubles as social security number for African countries with no identity system in place.

This is inspired by the Nigerian experience where all bank cards owned by a person are linked by the #BVN system and consequently linked to #NIN, eliminating double identity in voting & social security.

Thus leveraging the different existing identity systems to create a new unique unified – decentralized identity for Africans and other players in the #afrikalist social security economy.

Afrikalism not only advocates social security but is also cognizant of the need for emotional security of the people in a cohesive, cooperative and amiable family setting.

In as much as monogamy is a beautiful family setup for the purpose of procreation, it fails to give every woman a chance to have her husband, forcing some to opt for single motherhood instead of losing out completely in the joy of childbearing and rearing, which ironically in most cases create a father figure vacuum in the life of the child with attendant emotional issues.

Thus, afrikalism advocates polygamy, which is not meant to satisfy the unbridled lust of the man for sex but to give every woman her husband, else single mothers, productive yet unmarried women will continue to be the problem our society don’t want to talk about or proffer solution for.

Thank you for your time and contributions.

Abas Eduok

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