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The truth About African Highway E-solution E-Tollgates

By Odilim Enwegbara


I think that the story being shared on social media regarding tollgates is far from the truth.

It can’t be true because actually the e-tollgates planned to be installed on federal highways across the country are a product of my company, which are a product our two patents (e-number plates and e-automobile scanner).

Our toll plazas are planned to be installed 100km apart. So, it is regions with more kilometers of federal highways that will have more toll plazas.

In the mean time, because cost of construction will be borne by motorists using each state’s/region’s in the 6 lane federal highways are constructed, regions/states swampy or erosion prone areas will have motorists to pay more per 100km travels.

The author, Basil Odilim Enwegbara

The way we designed our e-toll plazas is that toll fees are for both entry and exit and that the state/region where the federal tollgates are installed will take 50% of the tax revenue accruing to the federal government in the BOT arrangement with road infrastructure construction investors, who actually are the real owners of the road.

During the first 10 years if the 25 year BOT, the investors will have to keep 70% of the revenues and wil only pay 30% tax to government of wich the federal and states/regions where tollgates are sited to share 50%-50% (15% each) of the tax to government by BOT operators.

And from 11th year it’ll be 50%-50% between investors and government, where federal and state/regions will share 50%-50% (25%-25%).

Additional story for the proposed Federal Toll Gates and the deliberate provocation of Igbos as presented by Chidi Cali

1) North East ………9
2) North West ….. 12
3) North Central …14
4) South West ……21
5) South South …..22
6) South East ……..56

What Type Of Provocation is Buhari and Fashola Pushing On Igbos?

The same Nonsense we are experiencing on National Common Entrance (Anambra 138, Some Northern states 2) and JAMB.

Igbos are mocked of not having enough lands and shorter roads, with only 5 states, the toll gates will be erected in every LGA.

Mr Buhari, honestly I don’t know who is giving you this False confidence that you can mess around with Igbos in this time and age.

Xenophobic killings of Nigerians in South Africa

I am talking because I’m still alive. The dead cannot talk. I’m angry with my South African brothers because on no account should Africans justify killing fellow Africans.

I’m always against Buhari since I discovered that he is not the kind of president Nigerians deserve at this stage of our nation’s democratic and economic journeys. An old man of his age should be a father to all Nigerians and should have avoided to be seen to be partial.

To you my South African brother, Calvin as a friend who I knew during your years as the head of South African business desk in Nigeria and who is a member of the Odilimgroup, I read the first line of your message to me; but I had to quickly stop reading further because you started it with “…because of your hatred for the Buhari administration…”

You know that even though I’m not schooled in diplomacy, I am smart enough to know where someone is going by one’s message.

So using Buhari cannot help change my disappointment with your country to have allowed the killings of fellow Africans.

Buhari is my president and hating him has nothing to do with my anger with the killings in your country.

Rather than towing that line I was expecting you to send me a personal message of apology. You are yet to appeal to my anger. You cannot and I repeat you cannot, justify the massacre of fellow Africans in your country under your watch.

First take responsibility and send me a personal apology as a Nigerian. Until you do that as my friend including taking personal responsibility, I’ll tell you I can’t give up on my anger on your country and government.

You can go ahead to keep whatever you think that is driving most Africans crazy to your country because I personally don’t need it and will not need it.

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