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The Unfortunate thing about Alamesigha’s death

dsp alams

The death of DSP Alamesiagha is very unfortunate. But more unfortunate is the news spreading around his death. The story is that he heard about his extradition and fell into coma which led to his death . 

Even though this rumour feeds the moment, but I think some people planted it in the news to make it look like President Buhari’s body language is working wonders. 

First, I don’t think the British Government has issued any extradition demand to Nigeria, which is most unlikely . This is because the British judicial system doesn’t believe you should be tried twice for the same offense . 

This was the premise which the British used in refusing to extradite Buruju Kashamu to the U.S. Mr. Kashamu was tried and found not guilty in the UK and on this ground ,they  clearly refused to assent to the request of the U.S. to have him extradited. 

DSP was tried here in Nigeria, he pled guilty in court in a deal with the EFCC to allow him get medical attention since his health was deteriorating and the EFCC cashed in on this. He was jailed, forfeited his properties as they were confiscated as proceeds of crime. 

He served his jail complete and the late Yardua promised him pardon and actually begun the process before he died. President Jonathan completed the pardon which actually sparked off numerous attacks against him even when the law empowered him with the prerogative of mercy. 

I doubt that the UK government will call for his extradition when he has been punished for the same crime he faced in the UK. 

Some will argue that he still has a case of bail jumping to answer, but Joshua Dariye also jumped bail and it’s currently a serving senator in this country . 

Why will the British government wait for ten years before asking that Alams be extradited while keeping quiet over Dariye? Why didn’t they request the extradition immediately Alamco was arrested by the Efcc?  

Besides, Alams has visited Dubai recently and you can’t be wanted in the UK and go free from Dubai,I’m sure  James Ibori can attest to this. 

I believe Alamesigha’s death has nothing to do with the current rumor. Alams has always battled with health issues and it was during attending to his health that he was arrested in the UK .

It was the same health issue that forced him to plead guilty when other ex governors facing trial with him frustrated every efforts to try them . He pled guilty to hasten his trial and get medical attention which the authorities then denied him. 

It’s important to note that all the former governors that begun facing trials with him all have their cases stalled in courts ten years after . 

Most of these suspects are either ex senators or sitting senators, while many are party chieftains. 

In the words of Jekwu Ozoemene

“Nigerians love a public lynching….whether its a media roasting or tyre necklace burning….like William Golding’s boys in ‘Lord of the Flies’..

“Kill the pig

Cut her throat

Spill her blood”

The pig, guilty or not, becomes the embodiment of everything we find distasteful in ourselves, everything that we dislike but are unwilling to change.

Publicly lynching the pig is a puerile attempt to distance ourselves from ourselves”. 

Rest in Peace DSP Alamiesigha .

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