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The Word Of the Lord God For 2017 Concerning Afghanistan, Others –  By Apostle Paul Okikijesu – Part 8


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound….. Isaiah 61: 1-3

Introduction:Thus says the Lord God of the Hebrews: This world shall pass away with its lusts, but not an iota of My word will go unfulfilled. I descend says the Lord God Jehovah YAHWEH. I bring the writing of YAHWEH from the heaven. I look at this location and the surrounding, it is fill with darkness.

I enthrone, I subdue and silence the darkness and the spiritual generation of hell. I pass through this location says the Lord of Hosts.

Children of men, I am worried when I observed that the blood of the beloved that are crying because people are shedding the blood of My beloved through religious war. I really pity their situations. Will I meet faith when I return?

Everyone forsakes the Bible, they are pursuing what they will eat, what they will drink and the clothes that they will use to cover themselves, forgetting that vanity upon vanity the preacher said it is vanity. What is the reward of a person that gains the whole world and lose his life?

I really pity the way the lives of the beloved are being lost because of religious war. There is a country called Afghanistan.


Thus says the Lord: Tomorrow in Afghanistan, I really pity the condition of some Christian martyrs because they want to bitterly judge them. It is tomorrow that these martyrs will be judged. Why is it that the blood of the beloved are presently crying? I really pity these martyrs and this process/step will make the Christian countries to shed the blood of the muslims too.

My judgement shall pass through the land and there will be changes in the sky starting from tonight in Afghanistan, says the Lord of Hosts.

Thus says the Lord: If I see the blood of the beloved that are shed, I will not spare them. Then I will use fiery and powerful hand to pass through Afghanistan.

Mysterious Events:

Thus says the Lord: Mysterious events that has never occurred before and the judgement hand that has never happened before shall happen. I Almighty God will instantly raise My judgement. If I do not do this, I am not God again.

My powerful judgement hand will pass through the land and mysterious things that has never take place will manifest. I will change the judgement hand and My forceful hand will pass through the Nation, says the Lord of Hosts.


Thus says the Lord: The people of this Nation used to be two tribes, namely East and West Germans. The entirety of the Germans must know that the eye of I the Lord is bitter towards sins and idolatry. My eye is bitter towards forcing people to do filthy things to I the Almighty God. My eye is bitter towards the shedding of the beloved blood and it is bitter towards endorsement or signing any documentation which can make the spiritual sheep to miss the glorious home.

Thus says the Lord: I send the word of repentance and change to this Nation called Germany. Germans should change says the Lord of Hosts, so that the power given to Germany will not be retrieved and be given to her neighbour who is better than her. I the Lord is not happy about what is happening in the world, concerning religious issues and the spiritual journey of Germany.

Death of Famous People:

Thus says the Lord: Three famous people in Germany will pass away and this will happen in the near future.

A very popular Gospel muscian will pass away.

A popular footballer will pass away.

A popular Priest/Pastor will pass away.

It is a pity that mysterious events shall happen during this course of this year in Germany. If the people of Germany fail to be cautious, change and bring forth fruit that is worthy of repentance and change, says the Lord of Hosts.


Thus says the Lord: I am in country called France. The meaningless Laws will be enacted which will bring hardship on Christianity in France. The spiritual generation of hell, those that have turned the Bible upside down will like to use power to control/direct France. If France fail to change to Me, if the french people fail to change to the Covenant of I the Almighty God, My forceful judgement hand shall pass through France.

I the Lord of lords, the God of Covenant and Callings. I shall confirm My existence in a way that is beyond human comprehension. If this does not happen, then I am not God. My powerful hand will pass through France, unless the french people change, and permit me to reign in their lives. They must believe that it is God alone that must be exalted than human wisdom or idols. Then I will trample on the covenant that intend to put the glory of France in spiritual slavery and turn it to ashes, says the Lord of Hosts. This will come to pass only if the french people change.

United States of America

Thus says the Lord: people are terribly feeling the oppression in America. The cry of people are ascending to I the Almighty God.

Mysterious Events:

Thus says the Lord: Mysterious events that people have never heard of such before will be happening. About fifty years ago, Americans have seen similar example of such occurrence. The spiritual hand of I the Lord shall change concerning America.

People shall given birth to babies which will make humans to fear.

Some people shall give birth to babies that will make the Nation to be joyful.

People will give birth to baby whose body and face shall resemble animal.

Many people shall give birth to five babies while some people will deliver six babies at the same time.

US Economy:

Thus says the Lord: Write it down, the economy of America will change. If the Americans refuse to change, then My hand shall change concerning the economy, says the Lord of Hosts.

June through September:

Thus says the Lord: Many people will cry out between June and September 2017 because of the severe oppression.

Thus says the Lord: I love this country, that is why I gave them the word “ In God we trust”. If the Americans wants to say “In power we believe”, why can’t they think deeply about the saying “Do not think of what your country can do for you, but think of what you can do to make it great.” Many things are happening and people are being oppressed. “Be calm so as to be honoured; anyone that the people like and favour must not misbehave. When things are going your way, please behave. Nobody will live in this world forever, but only the heaven that is a journey of no return. Be calmed and be honoured because whatever that is calmly handled will neither be broken nor be destroyed. It is behaviour/character that will give you honour that will never last. This world is nothing, but virtue is the beauty of mankind.”

Thus says the Lord: My messenger, if someone loses virtue, such people can never see/witness the glory of I the Lord. Unless these people think deeply and amend their ways because I do not have pleasure in the oppression of people. The law can lift/raise people up; law can disappoint people and law can uphold people.

The cry of the Senior Citizens:

Thus says the Lord: I pity America because the cry of the beloved, the cry of the elderly people (those that/who are not receiving rights/assistance again). Those people that are receiving rights/assistance and they are praying/blessing the Land of America, many of them are unable or not qualify to receive rights/assistance again due to various events that are happening.

Thus says the Lord: Why is it that people are weeping saying “Lord why do you keep silent?” Why is it that Americans turn deaf ears to the Word of I the Lord? Why are they against the Covenant of the Kingdom of God by embracing and exalting the covenant of the darkness more than I the Lord. These are the meaningless religions that cannot endure, but can make people to fall. I really pity humans! Humans! Humans! What can human eat that will never finish? Unless the God’s given wealth.

Thus says the Lord: Americans must instantly bear the fruit that is worthy of repentance, so that the power that makes America to be the Leader in the world will not be given to her neighbor who is better that her. People will stumble through America and America too will stumble through the Nations that surrounds her. The reason for this is that, when America makes a statute and do not obey or follow it, which country will follow the statute of America? America’s case is like “continue to dance, I am guarding your rear” which means Nations are dealing deceitfully with America.

Thus says the Lord: Many Nations that are respecting/honouring America is not genuine, but it is eye-service. It is just to received something form America. Many Nations that are not honouring American think that Americans will amend their ways, because if America refuse to amend her way, she wants to bring conflict/war which will be beyond her control.


Thus says the Lord: I really pity people, because they are very touchy concerning this issue. Starting from the ambassadors they are not happy regarding the economy of America and they are also concern about what will become of them before the end of their tenure in various countries.

Congress and Directors:

Thus says the Lord: The senators and the directors are murmuring because they cannot comprehend what is happening in America. The situation is like a total darkness that is everywhere. Where will the light come from?

White House:

Thus says the Lord: The staff of the White House are the executive arm of the governement are not happy with the situation of what is happening in America.


Thus says the Lord: I really pity the situation because the FBI officers are not happy with the on going situation in America. Why is it that everyone is worry because they cannot comprehend the economy of America? Also what will be the outcome of the present situation in the country.

Change and repent:

Thus says the Lord: It is the oppression of people that I dislike, so America must turn to Me presently during this period because I want to declare the glory of America. If the Americans change and turn to Me, if they refuse to change, mysterious events will be happening that will make people to be fearful. If this does not happen, then I am not God again. I will manifest and it will happen and people will now believe that I AM the LORD.

Nations Worldwide

Thus says the Lord: Any Nation that refuses to turn to I the Lord, I will allow the covenant that I raised up concerning the Biblical Egypt, Syria, Moab, Ammon and Amalek that is called Philistine to turn against them. My spiritual hand of bitter judgement will pass through the Nations that refuse to change and turn to I the Lord. Since you people are at the end-time, it is important to change and amend your ways during this period because the Devil together with his agents were determined to gain the world.

How will he gain the world? It is through money, post/position, wealth, food, morsel and the vanity which is meaningless. Nations must be strong during this period, says the Lord of Hosts.


Thus says the Lord: Hear the song that the children are singing presently in their schools “This Nigeria is for all of us, it must not be ruined because there is no where else that we can go. Foreign land can never be like our homeland, so let us cooperate and unite to lift it up.” The issue of Nigeria worries Me.

Mysterious Events:

Thus says the Lord: Mysterious events shall happen this year that will make people to be afraid/fear. If this does not happen, then I am not God again.

July through November 2017:

Thus says the Lord: Starting from July to November 2017, a mysterious event shall happen that will shake Nigeria and make people to bow their heads.

Death of the brave:

Thus says the Lord: Some brave people will pass away very soon. I will use the death of these brave people as parable for people to change and turn to Me whenever it occurs, says the Lord of Hosts.

A famous and respected Pastor/Priest will pass away.

One of the powerful people in Nigeria that is highly honoured will pass away.

A king shall pass away.

A popular celebrity who is a musician will pass away.

These events will shake the country because the powerful hand of I the Lord is about to pass through the Nation. I am worry when Nigeria’s case is changing. People are forsaking the Bible and they are listening to deceitful spirits. People threw away Bible and embrace the lying spirits. They put occultic piece of cloth on their shoulders. They threw the Bible away and they are looking everywhere for something that is not lost. They threw away the Bible and forget their Creator. They threw away the Bible and forgot their First Love.

The Saboteurs:

Thus says the Lord: I am deeply worry about Nigeria because I the Lord is not please with the behaviours of the people that are:

Fiddling and stealing the Nation’s Funds.

Meddling with the Covenant of the Country.

Interfering with the on going amendment in the Nation.

These sets of people did not want positive changes to happen in Nigeria.

Anyone that did not want Nigeria to change positively, the covenant of judgement of I the Lord shall come upon such people. You will hear that the Spiritual Hand of I the Lord pass judgement on people very soon.

Thus says the Lord: I will bring My judgement to the state level and from there proceed to the Priest/Pastors and more to the religious leaders and Muslims.

The Covenant of Idol:

Thus says the Lord: people intend to exalt and promote the covenant of idols than I the Lord in Nigeria this year. I the Lord will not be pleased with them because they want to revive the contrary first lust that I  the Lord is against which prompted Me to sent My only begotten Son to liberate the world. People intend to resuscitate the early contrary covenant, and I the Lord will not be happy because many of the Pastors and General Overseers that people are honouring, and people are using their names to pray have lost their callings.

Most of them lost their callings because of what to eat and what to drink, instead of thinking about their eternal resting place. They have forgotten how their lives will be at the end; because they will certainly leave this world one day, but the spiritual sleep that they will sleep is what they do not know.The day is coming says the Lord when everyone will be rewarded according to their deeds.

My messenger, do you see that the forces of darkness are not handling the issue of religion with levity in Nigeria.  The darkness is turning the religion upside down and its seeking the downfall of religion.

What people are pursing are what they will eat, how to realize their ambitions and selfish interests and what they will drink, forgetting that in this world they have been provided with what they will eat and drink, but the heavenly glory is what they cannot have.

Taking My Beloved Home:

Thus says the Lord: My messenger, I observe that shall I take the beloved who have worked faithfully Home so that they will not witness the bitter judgement that is coming. The judgement will be very severe and there is no city/state that My judgement will not pass through this year.

Judgement of the Lord:

Thus says the Lord: My judgement will start in July till November 2017. I will enter the cities with My judgement as the God Almighty. My Authority will pass through the cities, and for this reason, I am sending my Priests to proclaim and cry out about repentance and change, so that people will change. The hour as come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him John 4: 23.

Will you not marvel My messenger that some priests/pastors are not eating meat and fish, but human flesh?

Many priests/pastors are feasting on human feces.

Countless priests/pastors are sleeping presently in graves.

Numerous priests/pastors are consuming the fetus from the belly of woman to empower themselves.

Some are using the blood of newborn babies as sacrifice to enrich themselves.

The children that are suppose to be useful for the end-time that the priests/pastors are wasting their lives as sacrifices. Will the Lord have pleasure in unrighteousness? The eye of I the Lord is bitter towards sin because I utilized a Covenant to create the heaven and used a covenant to create the earth.

Thus says the Lord: I am moved to tears when I observe the behaviour and activities of humans; are you not dust? And you will certainly turn back to dust. I have granted the permission to marry/wed so that your body will not be filthy, which translates into reproduction according to My blessing “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I the Lord did not look at the sexual production as sin because I know it is inevitable for humans to bear children so as to multiply and be established. Instead of taking care of the youth/children who are the future of the country, people are killing them and using their blood as sacrifices thereby tampering with My work and confronting I the Lord.

Thus says the Lord: Every Nation and human that are tampering with My work, I the Lord will judge them bitterly with mysterious events that has never happened before. 

Numbers 23: 19: “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

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God bless you.

Prophet Frank Akanbi, On behalf of, Apostle Dr. Paul Okikijesu.

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