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The Year Greed Buried APGA (Part Two)

By Owelle Onyeka Mbaso


There were many cases were elections didn’t hold at all and yet Certificates of Return were issued to anointed aspirants congratulating them for coming out victorious from a non existent primary exercise.

It took the subtle threat of impeachment for the Governor to order his mindless hounds to issue certificates to all sitting house of Assembly members returning to the house and we have seen cases like that of Madam Speaker who lost woefully, being issued a certificate to the detriment of the authentic winner!

At Idemili South State House of Assemby primary, a winner was clearly emerging but the process was declared inconclusive while a certificate of return was already issued to Ezenwunne(an aspirant rejected by his people), the previous day. A mess of democracy and a clear case of “Rape of Justice”!!!!!

As the sordid events unfolded, it became obvious that the party led by Victor Oye never had plans to conduct an election and had already sat down to draw up a list of anointed candidates to fly the party’s flag and one wonders why they had to put up the pretence and milk party members dry when they knew they had no plans of opening up the democratic space.

In Imo state, the process that brought up Ararume has to be the most brazen and shocking exhibition of impunity and this explains why all other aspirants are rightly, up in arms demanding justice from the EFCC and other authorities for what the party did is nothing short of mindless exploitation with an intent to defraud a large swathe of party members.

The party that once held so much promise has been reduced to a caricature where an insanely greedy leadership views it as a one in a lifetime opportunity to make serious money whilst selfishly hijacking the structure and it is so bad that they do not care or appreciate the huge damage this is wrecking to the soul of the party for everywhere you turn, the story of pain and disillusionment is the same.

Members now feel betrayed and defrauded and they wonder why the party hierarchy chose to stab them in the back in the worst possible ways only to turn around and subtly canvass a lie that it has a right to select anyone to hoist its flag.

APGA under Gov Willie Obiano has lost a unique opportunity to consolidate on its relative success, has not been able to manage success/new found fame and has surrendered its powers to impossibly greedy power hungry merchants who view it as an opportunity to make money and settle themselves for life.

In the coming weeks, the litigations are surely going to stream in like a flood because the level of disenchantment is so widespread and alarming that you begin to wonder whether those who perpetrated this madness had a strategy beyond being brazen.

There is a common saying amongst party members after every primary where they encourage everyone to sheathe their swords,fall in line, be a good party man/woman, work for the good of the party going forward into the general elections and remember that the party is always supreme.

Such advise is usually given after a hard fought primaries where a winner eventually emerges through a free, fair and transparent process but it is criminal and outrightly inhuman to offer this advise to disenchanted APGA members who have watched the leadership of their party intentionally betray their trust, wilfully destroy their dreams, intentionally milk them dry without the intention of fulfilling their statutory part of the bargain and defraud them in the worst possible shameless and wicked ways.

You do not breach your members’ trust and turn around to tell them the “party is always supreme” and you do not preach peace, togetherness and party cohesion after putting your members through what has got to be a mindless exploitation occasioned by the greed of men whom Providence provided opportunity to lead them at a time such as this.

Let it be on record and may posterity remember that it was under Gov Willie Obiano and his Aguleri posse that APGA took its last breath and may the weak chairman Ozonkpu Victor Oye go to his grave pondering the mortal harm he allowed his supreme greed wrought on this one party we once called our own.

APGA is no more OUR OWN but THEIR OWN!

A pity really.

Owelle Onyeka Mbaso
Nnewi North/South & Ekwusigo Federal House of Representatives Aspirant 2019
SSA Political/ Spin Doctor to Gov. Obiano
Support Gov. Obiano’s Administration and APGA

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