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There is high impunity in APC, we are all set to decamp to PDP- Atiku Loyalists

One of Atiku staunch Loyalist who is the director of Atiku support group,Mr Mark Wosi has today granted an interview to Journalist in his office in Yola, said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is ruling with high sense of impunity.

Wosi said APC got the support of every stakeholders holder of the the party to be what it is today and they cannot fulfill all their promises of better change made to the people of Nigerians but ended up dashing the hopes of everyone in the country.

According to him a lots of reasons causes them to be decamping to PDP,is purely the impunity in the ruling party is becoming unbecoming on them and they cannot no longer bear the injustice going on in the ruling party.

Mark also said that their reason of finding succour in PDP is the clear impunity shown by the state party officials of APC when the LG chairman of the party in Jada died and the constitution clearly stated that the Vice Chairman should automatic take over but they asked a ward Chairman to became the Chairman against the party Constitution.

” Is better for us to be in the opposition side, the impunity happening in the ruling party is one of our major causes of our shift,unfortunately APC is becoming something else not the party that we have all supported well to win the last election. ” Wosi said

However Mr Mark said he is not talking the mind of former vice President Atiku Abubakar, but plans are in top gears of all members of Atiku support group nation wide will all decamp to PDP and will certainly call on Atiku to also decamp to the opposition party.

He also said that they have concluded arrangement to call on Atiku to come and contest in the forth coming 2019 general elections if he so wish to contest or decamp.

Reacting to the accusations laid against the APC government by Atiku’s loyalist, Alhaji Ahmad Lawan, the organising secretary of the party in Adamawa state Said Mark cannot talk of Injustice and impunity of APC because he is clearly aware that most of the commissioners and aides to the present Governor of Adamawa State are from Atiku’s camp.

“Where is impunity in APC when the commissioner of Health is from Atiku’s camp? Tell me where is injustice when commissioner of Land and survey, commissioner of commerce and industry are all Atiku loyalists? Will you me that the Chief Press secretary to the Governor is not Atiku supporter? Let me even say more Wosi is just displaying their known political character to Nigerians.”Lawal said

Lawan continue to say that the problem of Atiku and any of his support are lack of strong political principles and ideology, a reason why they do find themselves galloping from one party to another.

“The politics of Atiku and his supporters is the politics of going from one party to another. “He added

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