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There They Go Again, The Haters… – By  Daniel Ilu  


“What is off-putting about them,” one political veteran told me, “is they do not grasp their essential irrelevance. They think they are special.”

The above extract, from the extended article I have re-produced below (posted earlier by a member of this Forum) is a dismissive comment about President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-law (and Ivanka’s husband), Jared Kushner. 

The statement, and the entire article, encapsulates the problem I have at this time with the “liberal” elite (especially those in the US media) that has become a self-appointed albatross to the Trump Administration. The article refers derisively to the decidedly liberal-minded Ivanka as a “Princess Royal” (which struck a note with me, since I have been obsessed with the British Royal Family or as long as I can remember; it was a wonder they didn’t just call Ivanka “Princess Anne”!) Via the same expression, however, the writer of the article and her publication reveal themselves as members of an entitled and entrenched establishment that views the Trumps as “uppity” outsiders who have gate-crashed a party thrown by their superiors, via the ballot box.

Newsflash: America is really a Democracy, not a Monarchy…

The article’s headline is equally beyond instructive: Jared, Ivanka (and possibly Trump, the head of the “hoi-polloi gatecrashers”) are “Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue”. The latter, of course, is the location of the White House, in Washington DC.  The last time I checked, the President and his family make the White House home, for four to eight years, and at the pleasure of the American people. But for the “liberal” elite that has sought—vainly—to stamp the “elite” toga on the family of the present occupants of the White House, prior to discrediting them, the Trumps are not good enough to “mingle” with the career politicians that have made the Capital of the United States not only their home but their Fiefdom, literally and figuratively. 

One significant—and curious—minutiae of the apparent “liberal” predicament about the Trump Household is that it betrays a slow-dawning reality about the American political system, which is equally a trait I have long identified with reality that obtains at present in Nigeria: there really are no governing ideologies, only a common fealty to the possible spoils of office. 

Who would have thunk it, especially about the United States, the beacon of democracy / multi-party ideologies in the modern world? 

If this were not the case, what else would seemingly unite Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain, etc. (all politicians who have won several terms in office as legislators, and thus have perennially made Washington, DC, their “power base”), with Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, etc.,  their Democratic counterparts supposedly on the other side of the political divide?  It is that Trump, the ultimate political outsider, somehow represents an existential threat to the Washingtonian status quo, or the New York / Washington, DC balance of power, and its elitist Amtrak-commuteelite? 

The extended piece below reeks with more than the political elite’s disdain for “Uppity Trump”, along with the requisite tales about the “routine backstabbings” in the Trump White House; it is suffused with knowing, partisan inaccuracies. The piece snorted at Trump allowing his daughter Ivanka to briefly sit in on a meeting with other world leaders at the recent G-20 meeting in Germany, an account that really fit into the “liberal” media’s narrative that the Trump Presidency is an ongoing study in nepotism. 

 Ignored is the reality that many modern American presidents, from Rutherford B. Hayes in the latter part of the 19th Century, to Theodore Roosevelt in the early part of the 20th Century, Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s and, most famously, John F. Kennedy in the 60s (who appointed his blood brother Attorney General of the United States) employed members of their family as aides while they served as President. Even after Kennedy’s egregious act of nepotism (the AG of the United States is certainly not a “mere” aide in the West Wing) and a law was passed banning such familial appointments to high-level governmental positions, 

Ivanka working for her father in her present capacity (without being paid, one should note) certainly does not come close to what the Princes of Camelot (many would say “Cameltoe”, given their reported exploits with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, etc.!) got away with while alive (and after their deaths) in the pages of the “liberal” media which still obviously revere them (I do like the Kennedy Brothers also though, by the way, but fair’s fair!)

While I’m certainly not a “big player” by the standards of those in High Office or outside it who inhabit the now-infamous Capital Swamp, 

I do know Washington, DC, quite well.  I go there once in a while for extended periods of time, to “hustle” in order to make ends meet.  Like most people who make their living in Washington (temporarily and, apparently permanently), I hardly reside there while I’m in the area; I usually call neighboring northern Virginia or suburban Maryland home, just like most of the power-players that descend on DC during the day, deciding how millions of people around the world live their lives. 

Not surprisingly, there is an air about Washington, DC I just don’t like, not even after many years of making my “hustle pilgrimages” there. I always get the feeling “there’s something very wrong about this town”.  I can even say the same goes for the “Liberals”-infested suburbs of DC situated in northern Virginia and suburban Maryland, where I usually, er, “retire” after finding myself “hustling” in DC during the day.

And, yeah, I keep going to the area, year in, year out!

Maybe it’s about time I (finally) made my “exile” from Washington, DC and its environs.

I doubt anyone will miss my absence there. But it’s just too bad the folks the very arrogant swamp dwellers really want gone, the Uppity Trumps, look certain to be there for quite a while longer…

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