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There was a clear attempt to arrest Sunday Igboho


A source has recounted how the Department of Security Service made an attempt to forcefully arrest Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba rights activist.

The source said DSS arrested and bundled him into their vehicle but fortunately for Igboho, his followers who were on his convoy on that fateful day rescued him from DSS.

The source said, “Sunday Igboho was actually forced out of his vehicle at gun point and stripped of his clothes and put in a DSS vehicle. His boys traveling behind him intercepted the DSS and Police and they got him out of the DSS vehicle … the authorities were scared stiff ….

“That nothing happened is a white lie. One of his henchmen called “Igbin“, a powerful farmer, was amongst the followers who stopped the DSS and Police and rescued him. There were others like a chap called “Jacko“, who is even more powerful than Sunday Igboho.

“Bullets cannot stop these guys, and if you start what you cannot finish, you’ll have yourself to blame.

“Sunday Igboho and co made their fortune from the illegal cross-border trade in rice, vegetable oil, tokunbo cars (imported 2nd hand cars).

“The Customs ran away from them after a few bad outcomes. Sunday Igboho presided over a group of Oke Ogun Tough guys who kicked against the border closure in the southwest while there was no border closure in the North.

“The Customs men learnt their ‘leave him alone’ lesson after he had dealt with them. They decided it was time to stop the Fulani nonsense. The die became cast late last year. That was how we got to where we are today. These guys are die hard renegades. You can compare them to the Stern And Irgun Gangs of 1940’s pre Partition of Palestine.

“At a time, they had an ongoing feud with government and its agencies in upper Ogun River area of SW Nigeria. It was ‘accept the settlement or risk the consequences’ that he and his renegade group practiced for years while the feud lasted.

“Some while ago, the Customs chased some traders smuggling goods to their boss’s place in Iseyin. Their boss woke up from his sleep and walked into the commotion outside his house. As he stepped out, the Customs opened automatic gun fire and killed him instantly. His name was “Saka Ellele”. His Renegades went on a rampage … they shot the Customs officers who killed Saka Ellele dead and then razed down their barracks with fire. They attacked checkpoints and even tied a captured Customs officer to one of their official vehicles and set it on fire … they dealt decisively with the armed customs agents believed to be enforcing a lopsided border closure rules.

“The Murder of “Saka Ellele” in 2019 was the turning point for this band of Renegades. They see the Army, Police etc as Agents of the Fulani caliphate disguised in Government Uniform using Government Institutions to make non Hausa/Fulani people suffer. They are not going to back down. They are farmers, and they have the backing of other farmers who see themselves being oppressed by Fulani Herdsmen who are naturally protected by Nigerian Police and Soldiers.”

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