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There Will Be No Rapture & Jesus Is Not Coming Back —Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins

This video was produced by Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins.

Read the introduction written by the producers before watching:

WARNING: This video contains information that may be outside of the Circumference of Your Awareness. Just because you have never heard the information before or may disagree with it does not mean it’s not true.

Just because a child wants Santa Claus to exist does not mean he exists because they want him to. This video is designed to deal with facts and evidence. You shall KNOW the truth and the TRUTH shall make you FREE.

The name of this video is “There Will Be No Rapture & Jesus Is Not Coming Back”.

The Holy Bible clearly states that what Christians are waiting for has already happened if it ever happened in the first place.

Don’t get mad at us for telling you the truth. We didn’t write this document. This statement is based upon what The Holy Bible states.

Dr. Hagins takes you step by step through verses in the Bible that makes it very easy to see.

You will want to have your Bibles handy and take notes when you watch this video:

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