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They All Shall Die A Painful Death!

Do you remember the immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, Air Vice-Marshal Alex Badeh? 

Do you remember that man who was instructed by President Muhammadu Buhari to relocate to Maiduguri but instead he and his conspirators flew somewhere to Adamawa drinking away their life? 

Are you also aware that apart from his monthly pay from government, he was collecting another N558 million monthly.

Just like his avaricious counterpart civil servant employed by King Nebu, the Director-General, Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD), Mrs. Nellie-Mayshak Nellie who was alleged to be paying herself N60million different from her monthly salary?

You say what? That the N558 million Badeh was diverting monthly was for ghost workers in the military? Láí-láí! 

The money Badeh was diverting was the money he was supposed be paying the foot soldiers, the hapless dudes who were left at the mercy of Boko Haram vampires in the north east. 

Badeh refused to fund those military boys, so they became pawns.

But when they were pushed to the walls, they downed tools and said they could no longer fight insurgency with moribund ammunitions and empty stomach.

But what did they get in return? They were accused of mutiny, they were tagged rebellious and had themselves sentenced to death. 

Thanks to fate (God) King Nebu did not find his way back to The Presidency, may be by now, those boys would have been executed over somebody’s penchant desire for greed and rapaciousness.

Badeh and his cohorts were drinking expensive wines over the blood of the innocent. 

He starved them of their entitlement (money), denied them of sophisticated weapons by diverting monies meant for procurement of such for his private use. 

Members of families of the affected soldiers practically became scavengers. They became beggars for protecting their country, yet somebody will come here and support PDP. 

Not all PDP members are heartless no doubt, but those obviously are teensy-weensy compared to the entire prodigious ‘yam eaters’. 

May God run your life the way Badeh and his benefactors (who overtly were aware of the happenings, yet did nothing) and beneficiaries ran our military paraphernalia.


Ògbéni Czar… Àse ñ t’Èdùmàrè, Kòkúmó Omo-Nigeria

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