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This battle is against the bloody enemies of Nigeria – By Odilim Enwegbara

In late 2003, I had a series meetings with my mentors both in Boston and in New York.

Professor Lester Thurow the famous MIT Professor of management economics who also taught Ben Benenke and Paul Krugman, who happened to be recognized as one of the world’s ever best economists, who not only taught me but also employed me as his teaching assistance to teach MIT-Sloan MBA students Macro-International Economics, advised me to stay behind because I have a lot to offer in the US.

On the other hand, another mentor, Prof Ali Mazrui, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at New York University advised me to quickly return before I could start enjoying the US comforts, which would make it extremely difficult for me to eventually return. Ali Mazrui put it this way, “Basil quickly return to Africa, and if you wish, Nigeria…it is going to be difficult, if not deadly. But my son, you will eventually defeat them…”

It is now clear to me that the enemies of Nigeria, the very tiny members of our elite class who, thinking that I am their problem, are now using every means to fight back.

But they must know that they will eventually lose because I am fighting for the poor and excluded Nigerians. Nothing selfish.

I did not go to some of the best universites in the world, including enjoying the rarest MIT Institute Scholarship, had all the best jobs in the US to choose from, including some on Wall Street, and upon all these I decided to return home to help in my little way in fixing Nigeria and then I should be afriad of those who I have actually came back home to fight because they conspired to steal Nigeria blind.

I will never ever be afraid of them and I those who they are sending after me are only wasting their time because they too will be self-defeated. In fact, the more they send their missiles to me, the more I am energized to fight for Nigeria’s freedom.

So, whether they like it or not, I will continue to fight them until we free Nigeria and Nigerians from their bloody hands. And I know that because we are fighting for our rights, we will eventually defeat them.

Those insisting that I am supporting Atiku because I am looking for a job will be disappointed when they will come to discover that my support for Atiku is only because after my many years of search, I have discovered that he is the only leader who has the right experience. He also has a good heart and loves to see a new and better Nigeria.

I repeat, once Atiku wins, I will focus on my tech company. Those who know me will remember how I fought Okonjo-Iweala throughout without allowing her any breathing space. Even her people too tried me but rather than succeed had their fingers burnt.

Let me remind them that I cannot work for the goverment when I have a company that will soon take-off and will employ hundreds of young Nigerian techies.

Like Okonjo-Iweala’s, also because their threats are empty threats, I am only starting. More damning articles of mine are their way. Thank God that my major engagements are now over. I will soon focus on these bloody politicians and their corporate partners

God will bless and liberate the exploited people of Nigeria, whose only sin is being born in Nigeria. Our God, the very God that looks after his poor children will eventually deliver you from the bloody elite class’s hands.

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