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Throwback To Presidential Debates Imbroglio ~ By Ayoola Gem Fash



Olu Falae showed up for debate

PDP candidate OBJ, sure of victory, didn’t come

PDP won


Buhari showed up for debate

PDP candidate OBJ, sure of victory, didn’t come

PDP won


Buhari showed up for debate

PDP Yar’Adua, sure of victory, didn’t come

PDP won


Buhari Showed up for debate

PDP Jonathan, sure of victory, didn’t come

PDP won


Buhari, sure of victory

PDP, facing defeat, begging for debate

Buhari didn’t come

APC won

2019 Buhari, sure of victory

PDP, facing defeat, begging for debate

Buhari didn’t come

APC will win

Buhari has participated in presidential debates for THREE consecutive election seasons.

Who is afraid of debates?

Buhari lost elections despite participating in debates THREE times. Debate doesn’t determine voting outcome in Nigeria of today and that is why the PDP has NEVER participated in any and still won elections. That’s why Buhari won when He stopped participating in it.

Buhari has used his participation in three debates to discover Nigerian electorates are not moved by debates, they are moved by Popularity of the candidates among them. Buhari has therefore worked on his popularity and again coasting home to victory next month.

Let the PDP also do debates for three political seasons to discover what moves Nigerian electorates. Unfortunately, they have lost it this year. They need the next 16 years to get opportunity for another three debates since they have failed to learn from Buhari’s experience. In other words, PMB is 16 years ahead of them in the knowledge of the political reality of Nigeria today.

PDP candidate gave a rather ridiculous excuse for not participating. He said it is not ‘Candidacy debate’, it’s ‘Presidential debate’ and therefore He won’t debate without the President being there! Lol… He should be told the implied meaning of Presidential debate is ‘Presidential Candidates debate’. What happens in situation where the incumbent is not contesting and all candidates are fresh? Does that change the name from Presidential debate to another thing?

In those three occasions where Buhari participated and the PDP failed to show up, the organisers never changed it to ‘Candidacy debates’ because they weren’t grammatically disoriented! The PDP also failed to realise that Presidential debate is meant  for candidates to sell their programmes to their audience and not to the incumbent president.

This is the first time in Nigeria’s Political history that PDP could have participated in a presidential debate, yet they gave such a frivolous excuse that Buhari didn’t come. What about those three occasions He came while you still absconded despite being in power?

Atiku needs the presidential debate far more than Buhari now. Buhari doesn’t need it to win. Atiku needs it more except the PDP is afraid of Oby Ezekwesili that has been looking for a close avenue to strip them of the remnants of their past glory.

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