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Till Now I Don’t Know Why I Was Abducted, Detained 46 Days In Keffi Prison ~ By George Davidson

Dear all, thanks for sincere concern. Till this moment, the Commandos from IGP-IRT are yet to tell me my offence and why I was abducted. Mr. Monday Ahmed Opanda the team leader confessed to me he didn’t know he was asked to abduct me.

They kept me for 26 days. Funny enough, we were to be in court on the 21st October 2019 over allegations of defamation against the EFCC Impostor cum Extortionist, the same ACP Elema that charged that case to court in July 2019, knew fully well the case was to continue on October 21st 2019.

He detained from 3rd to 28th October, 2019. He went to the same court on the day of hearing to inform the court I jumped bail, hence, the warrant issued to  the same ACP Elema on the 25th Oct 2019 and executed on the 28th Oct 2019 at about 5pm to send me to Keffi prison.

My Questions: why was I abducted on the 3rd October 2019 on ACP Elema instructions then using a warrant obtained weeks after?

  1. ACP ELEMA of IGP Monitoring Unit, has assumed IDI-Amin attitude, using the office for self-enrichment.
  2. Is it true that the IGP & ACP ELEMA are step brothers (having different dad but same mom)? Elema brags he can’t be touched by anyone.
  3. Is ACP Elema above the law and Constitution of the nation?
  4. For how long will the IGP condone the outright criminality displayed by ACP ELEMA, shielding suspected criminals (case scenario: Patience Linus Yakubu, the EFCC Impostor lady & Regina Nkpa the sport Commission overnight riches girl?
  5. Where is ACP ELEMA loyalty?
  6. Where are my confiscated properties ?

Below is my letter to Monday Ahmed Opanda (IRT)  and Edison K (IGP-CSO:

Mr Monday Ahmed Opanda (IRT) & Mr Edison K, (IGP-CSO), who is with my items confiscated from my apartment on the day of my abduction by Opanda of IRT on the 3rd Oct 2019 at 10AM?

The items includes: my international passport, my Infinix Hot note 6, my Digital Cameras, My personal ID card of STEIF, My GTB ATM card, my bundle of documents, my cash from my wardrobe ($5,000), my daughter’s clothes, my security gadgets?

Opanda, recalled I called you to avail me my items, you claimed they are with my IPO (Edison) I called Edison, he claimed they are with my IPO (Opanda)

Now if may ask, who is my IPO now? Why was I abducted for 46days and I never wrote a statement or told why I was abducted and my properties looted?

Opanda recalled you abducted me at gunpoint with Your team from IGP-IRT. You fired gun at me. You handed me to Edison of CSO to IGP on the 3rd October 2019.

Edison, recalled you took me to the IRT cell and kept me for 26days. You never came there after you took me in. No food, no medical care, my family never knew or talked to me. Now, where are my properties ? Is the IGP aware of this modus operandi of abducting & confiscating Patriotic Nigerians properties in broad daylight?

Why was I abducted in the first instance? I should be told why at Least… which way  Nigeria?

Dr George Davidson, Chief Research Analyst, Eagle Eye Transparency International (STEIF) ⚖👁🦅

Cc: FPRO, All DIGs, AIGs etc

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