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Time to Free The Enslaved Non-Caliphate Rest Of Nigeria

The journey so far towards freeing the enslaved and entrapped non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria

When a little over a decade ago, the LNC indicated that it will shoot down the 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria, many simply declared it impossible.

By 2005-2006, PRONACO (which was basically ABURI-2) created a New Countrywide Consensus in favour of ousting the Imposed Unitarist Constitution 1999 to restore the hijacked Autonomies and Sovereignties of the Federating Constituent Component Blocs of Nigeria.

By mid-2007, the lethal legal challenge on the Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution on grounds of forgery and fraud, was instituted with Plaintiffs that included Enahoro, Ojukwu, Soyinka, Onoh, Bankole-Oki, Gbonigi, Agbeyegbe Shettima, Asari and Uwazuruike.

Nigeria had no answer whatsoever to the fatal assault on its Sole Title Deed over the Territory the World calls the “Federation of Nigeria”.

From that point on, it was only a matter of time for the bleeding 1999 Constitution to bite the dust, along with the toxic Union it erected and defines.

Amidst these decisive engagements, those in Washington DC, who knew what state demise meant, alerted the Global Community that the defunct Federation of Nigeria would be history by 2015.

Others like Obasanjo, who did not comprehend what the US Intelligence was seeing or saying dismissed that alert with a wave of the hand and carried on obdurately with their One-Nigeria.

By 2011, the MNN LAGOS DECLARATION OF JUNE 30, 2011, proclaimed the demise of the 1999 Constitution and Mandated the MNN Alliance Territories to proceed with their respective State-Formation/Constitution-Making Processes and take steps towards Self-Determination Referendums as well as Post-Nigeria Protocols amongst Willing, Compatible Contiguities.

(This LAGOS DECLARATION OF 2011 was the genesis of 4-Bloc MNN Map shown herein).

By 2015, the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER, APRIL 27. 2015 IN PORT HARCOURT (which adopted the 1885 Ethno-linguistic Map of the Lower Niger as basis of the Constitutional Arrangements for that Territory and which Mandated the distillation of a CHARTER OF RELATIONSHIPS as well as a UN-Backed Referendum to decide the future of the Territory), took the lead in the Post-Nigeria State-Formations/Constitution-Making processes Mandated by the aforementioned MNN LAGOS DECLARATION 2011.

1885-1906 map of the Lower Niger showing the coastal city-states as ethno-linguistic groups

In the aftermath of the Port Harcourt Solemn Assembly, the International aspects/imperatives of the State-Formation Processes saw the LNC Team engaging Stakeholders in Washington DC and New York, to get a real-time preview the Processes at the most profound depths.

By the September 7, 2017 YORUBA SOLEMN ASSEMBLY IN IBADAN and the subsequent Declarations in the Middle Belt early 2018, the circuit was completed.

Having all repudiated the fraudulent 1999 Constitution and in the face of the year 2000 Secession of the 12-State Sharia Caliphate Contiguity from the Secular Union of Nigeria (when the 12 States of the a Predominantly Muslim Far North, simultaneously imposed Sharia in their Contiguous Territory), the rest of Nigeria have simply moved towards rejecting any further National Elections (2019) that would be premised upon that 1999 Constitution.

Those who  ask how the Electoral Shutdown would be enacted should first find out how the Constitution Repudiations were enacted.

By Tony Nnadi

Lower Niger Congress [LNC]

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