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Tinubu, the most corrupt African politician

If you are looking for who could be the most corrupt politician ever to come out of Africa. I give him to you here.

This is the man, who as Governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 made his personal company, Alpha Beta Consulting, the sole revenue collector for Lagos State.

He would set a revenue target for the State. Then his job would be to exceed that target and he would pay himself a percentage of the difference. He would increase taxes and pay himself the benefit of the increase.

Since he has retained a stranglehold on the politics of Lagos, successive Governors that he installed have kept the arrangement going.

The Present Governor, who the previous Babatunde Fashola, had sacked from his post of Accountant General at the time, has taken the fraud and criminality to a height hitherto unheard of in Nigeria.

He has customized a law to Alpha Beta. In the new Land Use Charge law of Lagos State, Alpha Beta is written as a state authority with the sole right to collect the new rates which have been hiked by between 400 – 700%.

Alpha Beta is now in the position of an agency of Government established by law. Corruption has now become the law and the regulator in Lagos State.

Lagos State has now been delivered to the pocket of this man by law. This man must have stolen more money, through the unlawful employment of his company to collect revenue for Lagos State in breach of the constitutional code of conduct for public officers and the Public Procurements Act and other laws barring the employment of private concerns in the collection of Government revenue at a commission, than any other politician in Nigerian living memory. But that might not be all for him.

There are other monopolies in the State like the construction company that is operating the Lekki Road Concession.

The people behind this company are not known to the general public. That concession company has also increased toll fares along the all important road by over 60%. The concession is to run for over 30 years. A new one has been added. It is called Visionscape.

This is a company, some say, was hurriedly put up in London and Dubai two years ago to give the appearance of an international company. It is by Government fiat the only waste management company in Lagos State. Several Lagos citizens who had invested in the sector and bought vehicles and equipment under the arrangement under the Fashola Government have been rendered bankrupt. And Lagos bears the brunt with mountains of filth everywhere. Visionscape has not brought in any funds. Rather, the Government has gone borrowing for it. It floated a N50billion to bankroll the operations of the company.

The company has taken over property built by Lagos State Government. This is a private commercial company.

The public has not been told those behind LCC and Visionscape. It is not beyond Tinubu not to be too far away from each of them.

This is the Tinubu that is taunting PDP with being agents of corruption.

This is the same Tinubu pontificating about corruption and my friends for whom truth has different colours depending on the subject, whether PDP and APC are hailing this man that ought to be in jail for corruption ten times over.

BY Olajide Filani, Sunny Oby Maduka, Kolawole Adebanji, Olufemi Adegboyega Kolawole, Chino Obasi,

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