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Tinubu on Àmòtékùn: Afonja walking the middle ~ by Yomi Lawal

I read the statement made by Pa Tinubu. It came, short of 24 hours after Alhassan, a violent cattle rearer -who ordinarily should not be found making statements in a sane world- reminded Tinubu he was a politically primitive being.

True to Alhassan-the-violent’s statement, Tinubu replied as expected of a politically primitive being. He also garnished the statement in a way that affirms his slave status and lack of kinship with the Yoruba people.

He blamed those who formed Amotekun for not taking permission from the attorney general for buhari, and blamed Alhassan-the-violent and the remaining fulani criminal spokesmen for calling for a federal government clampdown on it.

All I read is shamelessness and opportunism.

Tinubu, whose lackey and errand boy was absent at the launch of Amotekun, suddenly had the perfect way how Àmòtékùn should be run. He essentially tried to divide its operations, expectedly so that he and his thugs can rule it!

He says there is no need for its regional integration, this is a man who travels the world in his private jet and has seen how police across states and region share a common database, can effect arrests based on warrants from another state if the criminal is within their jurisdiction.

Yet again, Tinubu sought to inject himself into something he does not want -because it does not please his slave masters- so he can help his slave masters make Àmòtékùn impotent. What he and his fulani masters want is this; fulani herdsmen can kill in Ondo and then quickly move into Ogun state to carry out another attack without Ondo Amotekun being able to quickly warn Ogun State Àmòtékùn.

They want to increase the bureaucracy of the operations, create and duplicate chains of command in each state so as to reduce the response time to crisis. Meanwhile the fulani herdsmen criminal chain of command is central. There is no attack, no matter how small that the fulani elites in buharis government are not aware of prior to its commencement. That is how they command the Police to go elsewhere when attack will happen elsewhere.
They want to turn Àmòtékùn to the usual “we are not aware” that police stations do, even when the crime is happening at the entrance of same police station. He was mentioning community policing as if we didn’t have community policing under IBB. Was it not the same useless Police Force that eventually rendered the community police effort useless? They want to gbé adìye sìn fún wa.

Pa Tinubu the primitive politician, ē primitive lóòtó, all you know is how to use thugs to achieve your aim, you attempted to have social media thugs too but was unsuccessful. Thence the attempt to shutdown social media space because your e-thugs could not mask their stupidity.

You even primitively -as in the fashion of Nigeria police that tell Nigerians to ‘go discuss with oga’ in a bid to assert unconstitutional authority to then demand bribe- asked the Governors to sit with Malami the AGF. Utter nonsense and political rubbish. Is Malami the AGF for their respective states?

Do the governors report to Malami? Do they even report to buhari? Or you think this is NURTW and you are dealing with agberos? How dare you tell States to go take permission from Malami to be secured? E primitive lóòtó.

Nigeria is a federation, the Governors are answerable to the people of their states, not Malami. Malami cannot decide how we should defend ourselves against killers, especially when Malami and co keep releasing terrorists into our midst!

I will use this opportunity to remind you, Pa Tinubu, you will not become the president of any nation in this world, Nigeria or any other nation. The blood of those innocents that died because of your political greed òní jé!

The earlier you go report to miyetti Allah and your slave masters that you are finished in Yoruba land, the better. Afonja walking the middle, tú è!, we spit you out like kèlèbè

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