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Tinubu: You shall know the kind of leaders they would be by their actions

By Akib Abiola

While Nigeria is burning due to the herdsmen crisis and the spate of kidnappings and insurgency ravaging the nation, Bola Tinubu instead of making any significant contribution or suggestions on how to bring peace to the country, especially to the Yorubaland; his base, his busy canvassing for voters registration for the 2023 elections.

Because of his pandering tendencies and lack of leadership qualities, he butchered the opportunity to offer Nigerian youths HOPE during the #Endsars movement and now he has refused to offer any solution to the crisis in southwest Nigeria.

As a patriotic Nigerian who fought gallantly to bring democracy to Nigeria, I have recommended that President Buhari should ask the UN, EU and US for $1 billion relief grants (not loans) under the Humanitarian Relief funds.

Akib Abiola
Akib Abiola

This will help resettled herdsmen to the north and compensate farmers and start a nationwide ranching and cattle breeding program that would permanently put an end to the herdsmen and farmers clashes.

This grants initiative would stop the possibility of a war and will also create one million jobs for the youths. Jobs in the transportation industry, meats processing factories and in the feedstock industry.

The problem between the herdsmen and farmers is all economics.

The permanent solution to it is also economics. It is all about supply and demand and maximization of profits.

The cattle breeders want to maximize their profits by feeding their cattle with free corns, cassavas, yams and grass.

The farmers economic status is reduced to the level of the herdsmen because they can no longer farm to generate income to maintain their lifestyle and educate their children.

My nationwide ranching proposal will create local ranchers, cattle feeds farmers throughout the country.

Whereas, instead of talking about the crisis in the country and suggesting solutions, this is what Mr. Tinubu decided to focus his energy on. (By the way, the date on his registration is wrong. The day is February 6, 2021 but it is dated February 9, 2021. Part of the registration fraud)

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