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Viola Onwuliri simply is the best for Imo State education

Dr. Onyema Nkwocha, EJD, EDD


In support of Prof. Eddy Oparaoji’s opined Facebook post: “PROFESSOR VIOLA ONWULIRI IS SIMPLY THE BEST…” FOR THE IMO STATE EDUCATION CZAR POST, there is no doubt or gain saying of this day light, day break truth!

With Professor Viola Onwuliri appointed by the Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedioha as the Imo State Education Minister, Commissioner, or CZAR, as the case may be, it WILL BE “GOOD MORNING AGAIN,” in Imo State’s Education industry, and in fact in all Imo State, environ, neighboring states, and beyond the shores of Nigeria, period!

Why? Because, as we know, Education in any country or nation, even from the family, the only know microsome of the nuclear nation, is the beginning and end of everything “GOOD” in life, in the family, in the state, and the larger society, Nigeria as we know it. Education, citizenship awareness, growth, development, and continued awareness and improvement of Lives and resources, is the SUMMUM BONUM (the Sum Bonum) – the foundation, bedrock, and the Fundamental SOURCE of ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE SOCIETY! Period!! Get it right, and All will be well for that society and its people! Again, A Good morning Wake up call for that society!!!

But, get it wrong, it would be like the current Dispensation in, and on this geographical location, called Nigeria! There are no two words about it. We all are living witnesses of this anathema fostered upon us from the Federal to State level across this great land over these several years!

And no doubt our Imo State bore the brunt of it all at the hands of one not gifted in comprehending the quintessential role of EDUCATION for and to a people with a collective Destiny.

No, Governor Ihedioha cannot afford to rehash the past follies of unenlightened and unguided immediate past Administration. There has to be a PURPOSED CHANGE FOR DESIRED BEST OUTCOMES.

Today, at this juncture, Governor Ihedioha is given the very Golden opportunity to right the 8-year-long wrongs and injustices of the previous Administration heaped on Imo State and her unsuspecting citizens.

Governor Emeka Ihedioha cannot afford to GAMBLE with the EDUCATION and Future pathways of Imo State, the growth and development of her citizens, the DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPERITY of IMO State at large, the competitive advantage of Imo citizens at the World’s Labor Market and economic, Scientific, and Technological Arenas!

Imo State deserves the BEST of all HUMAN RESOURCES to dig us out of the present predicaments and ever revolving Educational Quagmire, and PERMANENTLY lay a Model pragmatic educational system that will help turn around Imo State within a few years, and once again, usher in Day Light break; equip our children with the modern tools of learning: REVISED, REVAMPED, IMPROVED, EMBELLISHED, MOST QUALITATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM CURRICULA, Modern Educational Physical Institutions, structures, and facilities, with Modern Technological Equipments to Match, and over- arched with the selection of nothing less than “CERTIFIED” core of PROFESSIONAL teacher-leaders as “SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS”(SME’s) in their respective fields of study from Kindergarten to the tertiary University level.

Therefore, given the gargantuan needs and present dangers surrounding Imo State’s Education Industry, and the important need to equally encapsulate this statewide challenges with equally a trained, tried, experienced, hands-on-world-wide-exposed and successful individual, I could not agree any less with Professor Oparaoji, that Her Excellency, Professor Viola Onwuliri, simply, IS THE BEST, I mean, “THE VERY BEST” FOR THE IMO STATE EDUCATION MINISTER, COMMISSIONER, OR CZAR as the case maybe, to place Imo State and her citizens once again on the play grounds of both National and International competitive drawing board and parlance.

We are optimistic, and thus urge Governor Emeka Ihedioha to consider all that needs to be considered, review all that needs to be reviewed, evaluate all that needs to be evaluated, and a the end of the day, do the right thing for the good of ALL IMO STATE CITIZENS, and appoint Her Excellency, Professor Viola Onwuliri, Imo State Education Czar!

Dr. Onyema Nkwocha, EJD, EDD

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