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To stop but not to boycott Anambra State election by Biafra National Guard- matters arising


I have often decided to keep quiet when Biafran groups make a threat because it would always go like others. Nnamdi Kanu has shown or proven that everything ends on the lips but Biafra National Guard is a military wing that must be taken very seriously. BNG is one and only military wing that has a track record of practicality and should be listened to.

While there seems to be unclear plot to take the public by surprise after they announced the sacking of General Innocent Orji who held the country at ransom decades ago. Forcing a diplomatic row between Nigeria and Chinese government and sustaining a three months military battle in Edda-Ohofia. After the three months battle that took the intervention of late Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu to quell; a military barrack was erected in Edda-Ohofia out of fear of the unknown despite General Innocent Orji willingly surrendering himself to the authorities a year after the battle.

Ten years on; General Innocent Orji was released from detention and BNG came alive once more. This independent military wing had released conditional press statements in the past and got positive or negative reactions in a deflected mode. Last year; the military wing released a press statement urging the people of Biafra to get ready to welcome Biafra and after the press statement; Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB began to shout and vow that Biafra will be a sovereign state, only for such vow to come to naught after BNG did not act. It is still unclear if Nnamdi Kanu wanted to hijack anticipated action of the group or the group is closely being monitored by Nnamdi Kanu.

Ranging from demanding an end to closure of schools that had affected WAEC students which was lifted 72hours after they issued a press statement to the military invading Nnamdi Kanu’s home after BNG released a press statement declaring strategic support of the then BSS which passed unclear message of BNG being behind the formation of the outfit, days after General Innocent Orji was released.

It is clear that despite less noise; Nigerian government is aware of the strength or capabilities of BNG pioneered by General Innocent Orji. In the press statement detailing the sacking of Innocent Orji; BNG might have played a smart card by giving General Innocent Orji the opportunity to entirely go underground and have element of surprise to give the people when set for their mission.

BNG led by Innocent Orji is a strategically complex military wing of the struggle; which is largely down to the military experience and professionalism of General Innocent Orji who once served with a high rank in Nigerian military. I simply do not believe General Innocent Orji was sacked and issuing a press statement that Anambra state election will be stopped should not be taken for a joke or seen like Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB and other Biafra agitating groups.

Needless to further define General Innocent Orji; those that know him can tell more and the government knows they have a real problem should BNG make any promise. It would be unwise to believe General Innocent Orji was sacked amidst a press release to stop Anambra state election.

In the very press release; BNG attached a condition to allow the election go on as stopping election appears not to be their main objective. Attached as condition to withdraw the promise is the release of members of BNG being detained for fifteen years and counting.

A standoff is mostly likely on the table this election year in Anambra state and before that happens; I want to start now to usher you into the standoff. Will prisoners of conscience be released or the resolve of BNG be tested? I am of the team that wants to see the resolve of BNG tested and hopefully; those prisoners will continue to be held against the law.

Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder and the slightest spark will burst the fragile country. There is a promise again to stop Anambra state and not to boycott it but this time from a trusted and tested source.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- investigative/independent journalist

Writes from Enugu


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