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To The President And Executives Of World Igbo Congress


Dear WIC;

Congratulations for the endorsement of ESN- Kanu’s personal security in Igbo Land; this goes further to show why World Igbo Congress became so irrelevant in decision making back home- always in the peripheral or opposition to widely accepted political, leadership or diplomatic issues back home. It also goes further to show that responsible leadership does not stay abroad. Perhaps; World Igbo Congress doesn’t know what is happening in Alaigbo and will remain a peripheral when it comes to defining matters in Alaigbo.

I see the endorsement of ESN as urging the killing going on in Orlu; if not, you would have waited after the killing of Igbo sons and daughters before endorsing the very guy that triggered the massacre. I think what is needed now is not endorsement but diplomatic outreaches to first stop the killing of innocent people in Orlu. Unfortunately; as a group that has diminished due to poor leadership and selfish interest, all we got was endorsement in a wrong time. Anyway; who will listen to WIC back home, a group that has lost its bearing.

World Igbo Congress; a supposed international organization that ought to be setting the pace has become a toothless dog, trailing and licking the anus of a small boy they ought to direct and caution when out of track. Shamelessly; World Igbo Congress woke up and endorsed a group of proscribed organization that keeps causing bloodshed in our land without defending victims of their act.

WIC; it is a pity that you people were not consulted when a fugitive deceived youths and floated a personal security called ESN. Is security a private business? Let alone the supposed security of indigenous people- somebody woke up and set up a personal security and an organization that lost its pride to cluelessness woke up to endorse a jamboree, funny! It is a pity that World Igbo Congress that should be spearheading move to establish security to secure Igbo land is now endorsing a personal security that was set up in their absence and without their shared idea. This only happens when clueless individuals are handling the affairs of World Igbo Congress. Little wonder the group is backward and dead.

It is not hidden that the endorsement of Nnamdi Kanu’s personal security is as a result of laziness. If you WIC are not lazy; you would have exerted your influence and consult widely to have a well accepted security that can secure Alaigbo and is recognized within the law of the federal republic of Nigeria or even more so, a security that can guarantee the restoration of Biafra outside the laws of federal republic of Nigeria. Look at how you people constitute a nuisance in the name of being encompassing international body. A misguided young man opens a security without informing you; you take your time and write jargon of press release in endorsement of it. Who told you that ESN can or ever had intention of securing Alaigbo? Or what is happening in Orlu today is the security you endorsed?

The stupidity and nuisance of World Igbo Congress led to the total side-lining of the organization in the major affairs of Igbo people back home. Ohaneze Ndigbo conducted election and to my surprise WIC was pushed aside like a common criminal group. This is simply because instead of understand the worth of the organization; you trail a sole proprietorship so-called freedom fighter looking to sustain wealth and fame Biafra gave him.

You people are trying to take advantage of Nnamdi Kanu after virtually failing in politics, diplomacy and strategic involvement in mainstream affairs of Ndigbo home and abroad. It is unfortunate that you people exist only on pages of newspapers because you neither know politics or ingredients of leadership. Nnamdi Kanu is ambitious and he would play smarter than you all; of course, if you are expecting him to publicly declare his involvement in politics; that is the juncture the people he is still deceiving are waiting for him. By then; WIC will know how foolish they have become under this regime of shame.

Unfortunately; ESN is just another shame that would soon expire like BSS expired and emergence of real and determined option will finally take you lazy people to the cleaners. You guys are quick to jump into Nnamdi Kanu’s bandwagon with hope that he has set a bed you guys can lie on. You people want to go where you feel everything has been arranged and prepared, you are too lazy to work and arrange for alaigbo.

Congratulations once more for the endorsement; you people don’t need the long note of a press statement. We understand you endorsed the measure to secure Alaigbo but unfortunately; let it also be on record you endorsed the killing going on in Orlu and many other places to come. One thing I ask on behalf of innocent and wise members among you. Remember to file an action against Nigeria to upturn the terrorist status of the group you endorsed in Nigeria to avoid members of WIC being seen as backing a terrorist organization in the eyes of Nigerian law and put under security surveillance- thus, members become subject to arrest and prosecution.


Yours sincerely

Ifeanyi Chijioke


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