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To The Spirit Of Ikonso, Our False Commander ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke

May the soul of Ikonso rest in peace- being the last respect I have for him but the most important thing is the character and legacies left behind. We simply need to move on because there are many battles waiting for the living.

Ikonso is not my friend but a guy I know; met him the first day I was informed to meet Nnamdi Kanu in Achuzia’s home. Further meeting was quite positive; no business but respect for each other. After I found out the agitation under Nnamdi Kanu was a scam and without a sincere purpose; I left the bandwagon for something profiting and sincere.

A couple of years after my exit; I was threatened by some IPOB security boys and I informed a big fish. Ikonso was called to caution IPOB boys and warned that should anyone come into my lane, it would amount to biting more than they could chew. After the call from a big fish warning him- that he is aware of my activities and there must be freedom of speech, Ikonso and others did well to stay off my lane.

The purpose of writing is not elegy or ode but the best the dead can offer us is a lesson. We need to learn from the mistakes of the dead and imagine being in that their graves now. Assuming you were Ikonso and now in your grave; you could see everything going on behind the scene. You have left your human form and changed into something without emotion- a realm of light and truth. You can no longer lie to yourself and you are probed. Now, Ikonso is asked few questions.


Because he is now a spirit and he could see everything that happened from a neutral and sincere perspective. His answer would definitely be spot on.

“I died as a security securing bushes. I died doing Eastern Security Network”

And God would ask him, but I sent you to the earth to fight for Biafra.

“I followed instructions of my leader; the supreme leader of IPOB”

Then God will show him a screen of record; showed him the peanuts Nnamdi Kanu has been giving him for survival and asked him if the peanuts he has been receiving and surviving with not main part of the driving force.

“I joined this struggle since 2002 and I lost everything I had and there was no going back for me. I receive the money to eat and survive and fight as instructed. Had I a business or means of surviving; I would have reasoned properly. I thought I was fighting for Biafra; I entirely forgot I was in the bush securing bushes, attacking Fulani, I entirely forgot I deviated from the main objective. I was following orders thinking I was fighting for Biafra; it was an order that consigned me into securing bushes instead of fighting for Biafra”

God would ask him where and how he got the rank of commander because the person giving him order is a military novice. God will then show him where Nnamdi Kanu is in abroad; having daily sex with his secretary. Buying cloths and snapping pictures; enjoying good food and creaming himself with the proceeds of the agitation. God will backtrack the play and Ikonso would see Fine boy receiving SUV for Nnamdi Kanu from Obiano. He would see Nnamdi Kanu receiving amnesty from Allen Onyema and dining with all the people we call enemies. Even fighting for the election of Alex Otti, receiving phones he shared them and all that. God will then ask him; was it this man that made you a commander- a fighter, does he look like a fighter or a yahoo yahoo man?

“He is our leader and we follow command and control. He has done a lot and people follow him. I have no option because he is the only leader the people know even though he is deceiving them”

And he commanded and controlled you to start securing bushes in the name of fighting for Biafra while he is abroad enjoying life. He commanded and controlled you to become a quack commander, commandeering bushes. He commanded and controlled you to die and come to this throne of judgment and go to hell. You became an idiot to your emotion and allowed a man take advantage of you in the name of Biafra because you love Biafra. Once again; you were seen beating a man in the name of ESN. The man you were beating; was he your brother or enemy in a justified battlefield?

“I am sorry that I found myself in a situation I was changed to attack my brothers and sisters instead of the military killing my brothers and sisters. Our leader ordered us to arrest and struck fear into the people. I am more saddened that he did all this just for his selfish interest and none done in the interest of Biafra. You have to consider my ignorance; I was not aware of everything he was doing behind me. I read some people and I hear some- they said he did all this I am seeing on the screen but I never believed. I thought it was jealousy as most of us wrongly said; I am sorry”

You have seen you did nothing with your life. You died for absolutely nothing and by the time the real battle starts, you won’t be there to use the talent we gave you to secure your territory. It is unfortunate you died securing a bush in the name of chasing Fulani even when you know once Biafra is restored; Fulani and other problems will be solved. You have failed to use common sense; Ubini Ukpabi oath took your common sense.

Your judgment will be on hold while we hear prayers from Ifeanyi Chijioke who has been pleading on your behalf. Your soul will rest in peace but; we can’t guarantee other souls of your kind because due to ESN, many of your kind will be coming here for probe.

“If you all can give me opportunity to go back; at least, let me tell my fellow unfortunate commanders that there is no road or future towards restoring Biafra in what they are doing with Nnamdi Kanu”

Jury would laugh and tell him they have millions of people there telling his kind truth but it is a choice and one’s choice must be respected. They said saboteurs killed you, and they would kill Biafrans to avenge. Funny, because they fear those that brought you here. You can tell them that Nigerian soldiers killed you. They can avenge by killing soldiers as well and not weak Biafrans.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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