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To those ‘bunch of rats’ in UK

By Ifeanyi Chijioke


When I read some things coming out from Nnamdi Kanu; one thing comes to my mind- how did this guy forget he was nobody, he was ordinary hustler before some people gave him ladder to climb to where he is today. It is unfortunate that the very people that gave a lame man legs are being called ‘bunch of rats’ by the very man they helped.

UK IPOB deserve to be called ‘Bunch of rats’ by Nnamdi Kanu because they have failed woefully. The version of Biafra agitation under Kanu showed Igbos are overrated; we have no mind of our own and cannot be independent. We would even be worse than Nigeria if given freedom should we go by what Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB are dishing out.

UK are ‘Bunch of rats’ because they could not show class or speak up. They could not tame Nnamdi Kanu or help him become a good leader. They were busy looking for the position where they could take part in sharing of money. While others were busy dreaming of the position Nnamdi Kanu would give them after he might have restored his fake Biafra. UK Biafrans lost her pride and could not stand in the gap and control the excesses of a leader who lost his way.

UK Biafrans being called ‘Bunch of rats’ is deserving of idiots that sold their birthright for porridge of yam and did nothing because they have no right anymore. When you take a look at the calibers of Biafrans in UK; you wonder how we all got here. When you sit down and calculate the amount Biafrans in UK have given Kanu, you will simply understand there are more idiots in UK than Biafra land.

I agree with Nnamdi Kanu to a certain extent that UK IPOB members are ‘Bunch of rats’. When a founding member of IPOB like Emma Mmezu was sacked and UK IPOB praised Nnamdi Kanu without asking critical questions, it is a character seen in rats. When people living in a civilized country like UK become so stupid to support a self-imposed supreme title, it was clear there are no human beings there but ‘bunch of rats’. This ‘bunch of rats’ will forever remain ‘bunch of rats’ because they will never stand firm to what is right.

I heard the ‘bunch of rats’ annoyed their supreme leader by asking him questions and in truth; it is insulting for a ‘bunch of rats’ to ask a human being questions. UK IPOB has no right to ask Nnamdi Kanu any question; rats are chased to their holes or whipped into a cage. It is sacrilegious for UK IPOB to ask a supreme leader question; all knowing leader that can decide who lives and who dies. ‘Bunch of rats’ deserve a sacking; they deserve to be dissolved and all the money they have be transferred to Germany.

I certainly do not know the age bracket of the ‘bunch of rats’ in UK but the way Nnamdi Kanu was cajoling those ‘rats’ shows they are more worthless than I initially thought. I wonder how grownups came to the point of not having words of their own. I wonder how people could be in an organization without being allowed to establish their own opinions. It takes a rat to pay dues, donations and more and yet be cajoled and denied answers to relevant questions.

Self esteem has been lost; emotion has taken the better of them and the passion towards restoration of Biafra blinded them. A scammer will always have his way and the one who says sweet words and promise them heaven and earth deserves it all. They are waiting for Nnamdi Kanu to give them Biafra and for them to get better, they need insult to sit up and do the needful. They need to be ‘rats’ to be able to show us they are human beings.

Some of these ‘rats’ have families they feed like other ‘rats’ in a hole; some are rabbits, a bit bigger than rats. Some are called fathers’ by their kids, some are workers in reputable offices, some are respectable people but due to their stupidity, a rabble rouser see them as ‘bunch of rats’. They will continue to be seen as ‘bunch of rats’ until they tell the scammer that enough is enough or treat the malaria of expecting Biafra from Nnamdi Kanu.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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