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To those Igbo ethnic chauvinists against gov. Nyesom Wike ~ By Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe


Let us be factual just for posterity for once. Wike never hated the Igbo because he knows he is Igbo. It is people like you that divide the Igbo in your vile bid to claim superiority of your Igboness over the South-South Igbo of which I belong. No Governor from the Southeast has been more patriotic as an Igbo man than Wike.

IPOB members were massacred in Abia and Anambra States by Operation Python Dance on the invitation of the Governors yet we did not see any strong opposition or propaganda against their actions the way and manner people like you are carrying out against Wike. You can imagine a small rat like Nnamdi Kanu placing a ransom of 100 million naira on Odogwu Wike.

The truth is that Nnamdi Kanu attempted to blow up his useless infantile ego by directing his IPOB members to claim every action of the EndSARS demonstrations thereby putting the lives of the Igbo youth on the firing line. Why should IPOB claim responsibility of the killings? Even if they were involved, why should they claim responsibility in an action that up till today nobody knows the leaders? If not for the timely intervention of reasonable Yoruba leaders, Nnamdi Kanu’s reckless utterances had nearly put the massive destructions in Lagos State on the heads of the Igbo in Lagos.

More soldiers and Police men have been killed in Rivers State by unnamed militants without anyone being held responsible. Why should IPOB leave the Southeast and then go to Rivers State to claim responsibility of killing soldiers and expect the Governor to keep quiet? So the talk that Wike hates the Igbo is as vexacious as it is arrant nonsense.

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